Become a start-up mentor at University of Bonn

Welcome, prospective start-up mentors! Support us as a mentor to accompany start-up projects to success. We look forward working with you to shape the future of entrepreneurship at the University, in Bonn, in the region and beyond.

This is how it works

  1. Register as a mentor via our online form
  2. We connect you with potential mentees from our start-up network
  3. First meeting between mentee and mentor (digital)
  4. Mentor and mentee sign a joint mentoring agreement
  5. Regular meetings according to your individual agreement with each other

Aim of the Start-up Mentoring

It is our aim as Transfer Center enaCom to create a platform where you can contribute your potential as a mentor while supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Register online and become part of our inspiring network of experienced leaders, (industry) experts and innovative start-ups. We look forward to shaping the future together with you!

This is important to us for a mentor-mentee relationship

We believe that mentoring is a valuable relationship between mentor and mentee based on mutual respect and exchange at eye level.

Mentors and mentees bring valuable experience and expertise to the relationship. They share their knowledge, proven strategies, and important lessons from their own careers.

A supportive and reciprocal environment creates space for growth and development for both mentees and mentors.

Mentees receive valuable feedback. Mentors act as supporters. Mentees and mentors feel inspired by the exchange to leave their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

Mentors open doors to networks and connect mentees with relevant contacts. Mentees appreciate this valuable access. Both sides are part of the community.

In a mentoring agreement, mentor and mentee agree to follow good practices for a mutually enriching mentoring experience. In addition, expectations, responsibilities, duration of the mentoring relationship (min. 6 months), and confidentiality are agreed upon in a formalized manner.


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Sandra Speer

Head of Department
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Anna Müller

Start-up Coach
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