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Human Resource Development Unit

Whether you are a student or are employed in one of the University’s many different departments, we can advise and support you with anything you need by way of further training, career planning and health.

Here is where you can find us


Poppelsdorfer Allee 47 (Alte Sternwarte)
53115 Bonn
This building is not completely barrier-free.


+49 228 / 73-1815

Unit Management

Avatar Thiele

Nicola Thiele


Head of Human Resource Development

+49 228 73-1822

Avatar Brandt

Susanne Brandt


Deputy head of Human Resource Development

+49 228 73-4951

Avatar Michalak

Claudia Michalak

Office manager

+49 228 73-1815

Cooperative Projects and Digital Learning

Avatar Chrosciel

Tatjana Chrosciel


Projects & digital learnings

+49 228 73-4685

Avatar Hector

Luca Hector

Student assistant

+49 228 73-68771

Human Resource Development – Research Staff

Avatar Küchel

Julia Küchel


Team lead Academic Career Development

+49 228 73-68772

Avatar Best

Petra Best


Administrative specialist

+49 228 73-68768

Avatar Schmitz

Rebecca Schmitz

Event organization

+49 228 73-4199

Avatar Steinert-Lieschied

Johanna Steinert-Lieschied

Student assistant

+49 228 73-4950

Human Resource Development – Technical and Administrative Staff

Avatar Brandt

Susanne Brandt


Team lead Human Resource Development

+49 228 73-4951

Avatar Backes

Alexandra Backes

Event organization

+49 228 73-68742

Avatar Kohl-Radtke

Elke Kohl-Radtke

Event organization

+49 228 73-9748

Avatar Michalak

Claudia Michalak

Event organization

+49 228 73-1815

Avatar Pietza

Max Pietza

Event organization

+49 228 73-1877

Avatar Altmann

Jil Altmann

Student assistent

+49 228 73-68771

Healthy Campus Bonn

Avatar Preuß

Dr. Manuela Preuß

Team lead Healthy Campus Bonn

+49 228 73-1811

Avatar Stöver

Dr. Katja Stöver

Coordination "Healthy work"

+49 228 73-1878

Avatar Henschen

Charlotte Henschen


Coordination "study healthy"

+49 228 73-68773

Avatar Behr

Andrea Behr

Event organization

+49 228 73-1706

Avatar Shepherd

Hannah Shepherd

Research assistant

+49 228 73-69930

Avatar Rickling

Jana Rickling

Student assistent

+49 228 73-4933

Avatar Kunz

Annabelle Kunz

Research assistant

+49 228 73-4933

Career Center

Avatar Bohne

Dr. Anke Bohne

Team lead Career Center

+49 228 73-7987

Avatar Trilling

Renate Trilling

Event organization

+49 228 73-4689

Avatar Bohnenstengel

Lisa Bohnenstengel

Student assistent


Avatar Galonska

Lilly Galonska

Student assistent

+49 228 73-4586

Getting here by car

Use one of the parking garages in the city center and walk to Poppelsdorfer Allee from there. You will find the “Alte Sternwarte” (“Old Observatory”) on the left-hand side, set back a little from the road (past the barrier to the left of number 49).

Getting here by bus and tram

Take the bus to Bonn Hauptbahnhof (“Central Station”) or the “Poppelsdorfer Allee” stop. You will find the “Alte Sternwarte” (“Old Observatory”) on the left-hand side, set back a little from the road (past the barrier to the left of number 49).

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