Funding of the TRA 4 'Individuals, Institutions and Societies'

The TRA 'Individuals & Societies' promotes projects at all interfaces of the TRA 4 profile111. Applications for funding (open call) can be submitted at any time.

Who can submit an application?

All professorial and doctoral members of the TRA 'Individuals & Societies' may submit an application. PhD students can (as member of the TRA 4) submit an application together with a professorial or doctoral member of the TRA 4.

How can I become a member of the TRA 'Individuals & Societies'?

Click here for the membership application22.

Where can I get more information? 

Further information on funding applications (e.g. formalities, application form, consultation appointment etc.) can be obtained from teh TRA 4 management (see below).

General information about the TRA 'Individuals & Societies' can be found here.3333

You can find an overview of our currently funded projects here.4111

Information of our members and cooperation partners can be found here.5444

Events of the TRA 4

Contact for further information

Johanna Tix, Manager

Strategic Development and Quality Assusrance

E-Mail (pers.):

E-Mail (functional):

Tel. (work): +49 (0) 171 / 33 160 47


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