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Network - TRA Matter

TRA Matter is part of a lively national and international science and technology network.

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The scientific network of TRA Matter continues to grow and now consists of a total of 68 members from six different disciplines so far (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Molecular Biomedicine, Geodesy, Pharmacy). We are looking forward to new members who are interested in joining transdisciplinary research and projects in the field of "Matter". Join the network of TRA Matter!

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Partners & Transfer

We work closely with the following partners.

Strong connections not only to large scale research infrastructures worldwide, such as CERN1FAIR2KEK3, BESSY, ALMA4eROSITA5 , Euclid6, and Athena, but also its local infrastructure and the connections to the institutions of the Max-Planck Society (MPIfR7MPI CEC8caesar9), the ABC/J Geoverbund 10and the Forschungszentrum Jülich11 make Bonn a unique location for fundamental research.

For the transfer of research, we work closely with the Transfer Centre  EnaCom. In future, Innovation Scouts will identify transfer potential in the TRAs, provide scientists with targeted information on technology transfer and start-up-related topics and establish the connection to EnaCom.

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