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Can I study in Germany even if I don’t speak perfect German yet? – Many students from all over the world ask themselves this question. The University of Bonn has therefore developed a complementary English-language curriculum to enable even more international students to spend a semester abroad in Germany.


The courses offered in the seminar series “International Classroom Bonn” at the University of Bonn include the following curriculum:

  • English-language seminars (undergraduate) that we have developed specifically for this program,
  • courses from the regular curriculum of the University of Bonn, and
  • language courses

The courses of the program are regionally oriented. They give you a profound insight into the structures of your host country, Germany. The political structures of Europe and Germany are addressed as well as the corresponding societies, cultures, economies and legal systems.

The courses are also open to Bonn students to a limited extent, so that German and international students can network better. Students of the University of Bonn can have courses from the seminar series “International Classroom Bonn” recognized as course work by arrangement.

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Courses offered

The current course offerings of the seminar series “International Classroom Bonn” as well as other English-language courses for all students can be found on BASIS.

For enrolled international students, doctoral candidates, visiting scholars and staff, we also offer In-Semester German Language Courses from A1.1 to B2.2.


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