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Knowledge Transfer to Business and Society

Knowledge transfer allows research results to be used in many ways and translated into practice in society and business. Broad-based transfer involves co-operation and dialogue with all social stakeholders outside the scientific community. Transfer Center enaCom is your first point of contact for co-operations with the University of Bonn. We can present to you the opportunities that are available and help you on your way to a successful co-operation between science, business and society.

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Here you will find all relevant information about the Transfer Center enaCom of the University of Bonn and innovations from science at a glance:

Research Co-operations

Are you looking for scientific expertise? Do you want to solve a problem or improve an innovation? Whether it concerns a joint research project, thesis, licensing agreement, support for early-career researchers or even large research centers, enaCom will explore the possibilities with you and help prepare the way for a successful co-operation between science and business. Close co-operation with trusted partners accelerates research and ensures that results can be translated into practice. Our researchers and students are interested in exchanging information with companies, conducting joint research and applying knowledge.

We offer companies access to University research results and put them in contact with the experts in their field. This allows them to modify and further develop their range of products to meet the latest requirements. The integration of interdisciplinary fields also opens up new ways to find solutions to present challenges. Co-operations also allow companies to get in touch with our excellent early-career researchers at the University.

Two female scientists working in a laboratory.
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Visitors at the Uni Bonn summer festival looking at the mathematics booth.
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Social Responsibility

Universities are an important part of society and have an obligation to conduct responsible research and communicate the results to society. The University of Bonn satisfies its social responsibility by transferring knowledge to society for the common good. It takes up ideas from society, promotes dialogue on current topics and adds to the cultural richness of the city and region. Numerous events and projects promote the exchange of knowledge between science and different groups in society.

Researchers convey academic knowledge in part-time courses. They use forms of dialogue and communication that inform the public about relevant research results and enable feedback from society to the University, where the faculties then work together to address social issues. Researchers act as policy consultants to provide expert advice on various political topics.

University of Bonn Transfer Projects

The University of Bonn is active in shaping social debates, cultural life and economic and professional development in the region and beyond. This is only possible with partners: co-operation on different levels is the key success factor. Most projects are carried out in German.

Professional Training

Researchers participate in professional training courses, such as those for teachers and judges. The University of Bonn organizes a number of part-time programs for this purpose. 

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The University works with the business sector at the curricular level, e.g. by arranging internships, and promotes innovation by participating in research co-operations with private and public-sector institutions.

Social Engagement

The University's social engagement can be seen in the transfer of knowledge to non-academic target groups, for example at schools, in networks, in advisory boards and in expert hearings in parliament.


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