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Consulting and Coaching

Is your idea already fully developed? Have you made concrete plans for a start-up and just need the finishing touches and funding? Your project outline is in good hands with the enaCom coaching team. We provide individual coaching to address your needs and questions, and help you on the way to your own start-up. The consulting is free of charge and strictly confidential.

Open consultation

Our startup coaches are always available on 3rd Tuesdays every month starting at 9am for funding consultations. Just stop by Zoom!

Consulting for Business Models

Although it is important to have a good idea for a start-up, having a business idea is not enough. You also have to have a suitable, sustainable business model. It is often difficult for a young start-up project to choose the right business model. It helps to identify the focus of your business and achieve its goals efficiently. A well-designed business model can help you and everyone else to understand your start-up project.

 We help you to ask the right questions to determine appropriate milestones. One of the tools we use is the proven Business Model Canvas method, which analyzes and develops key factors until a viable model is created. The strengths and weaknesses of your business idea are also examined, along with economic sustainability.

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Consulting for Funding 

In addition to private investors and banks, public funding can also be a valuable source of funding for your start-up. enaCom coaches help University start-up projects applying for this funding. People interested in starting a business are always initially reluctant, even though many of these programs are specifically aimed at start-ups in the pre-start-up phase.

 enaCom can help you to find funding, regardless of how much you need. The EXIST funding program, for example, offers grants for the pre-start-up phase, and the High-Tech Start-Up Fund is also an important source of funding for early-stage start-ups. The various accelerators and incubators are also good starting points for further development of your product. You can find more information on the different funding programs listed here.


out of 10 people interested in starting a business come back again


to 3 members a founding team has on average


people make up the largest start-up team


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