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Work in Academia

Whether as an (assistant) professor, research associate or assistant, we invite you to join us and help shape the research environment at the University of Bonn. The administrative areas and structure of our University create an ideal environment for you to help support research and teaching!

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Professorships and Assistant Professorships

Learn everything you need to know about becoming an (assistant) professor at the University of Bonn. We would be happy to assist you!

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Research Associates

Are you a research associate, or would you like to be one? We can provide all the information you need!

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Whether you are studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or have already graduated, you can help the University and its research by working as a student assistant, graduate student assistant or research assistant.

Chart showing academic career paths; three paths to a professorship after earning a doctorate and alternative career paths
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Academic Career Paths

To pursue an academic career after your studies, you first need to earn a doctorate. There are essentially three paths you can follow to become a professor. These are briefly described below.

Obtaining a Doctorate

Extensive information on obtaining a doctorate, further training options and funding opportunities is available from the Argelander Competence Center. Take advantage of our counseling.

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Habilitation is the traditional way to qualify for a professorship in Germany. More information is available from the faculties (in German):

Head of a Research Group

As a head of a research group you lead a working group for a research project that obtains third-party funding under a recognized funding program.

Uni Bonn awards additional funds of up to 100.000 Euro to Junior Research Group leaders withing our incentive program. More details on Confluence (internal link) or from our Research Funding Section.

We would be happy to assist you with your application!

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Assistant Professorship

Assistant professor positions are advertised as tenure track positions at the University of Bonn. This means you become a tenured professor if you pass the final evaluation after your probationary period. We would be happy to provide further information and advice.

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