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Rectorate of the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is led by the Rectorate. The members of the Rectorate are the Rector, who is the head of the Rectorate, the Provost and six Vice Rectors, each with their own areas of responsibility. The Rectorate is assisted by its Executive Management. For the first time in the history of the University of Bonn, the Rectorate has achieved gender equality since May 2021.

Die Mitglieder des Rektorats
© Gregor Hübl/Uni Bonn
Rector Michael Hoch
Rector Michael Hoch © Gregor Hübl/Uni Bonn


The Rector is the head of the University of Bonn. He acts as its representative and ensures that University rules are observed. He is also the head of the Rectorate. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch has been the 143rdRector of the University of Bonn since May 2015.

Provost Holger Gottschalk
Provost Holger Gottschalk © Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn


Provost Holger Gottschalk has been the head of the University administration, which includes nine divisions and six units, since 2017. Kristina Friske is the Vice Provost. The Provost is an ex officio member of the Rectorate.

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Vice Rectorate for Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Vice Rector is Professor Dr. Irmgard Förster.

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Vice Rectorate for Digitalization and Information Management

Vice Rector is Professor Dr. Maren Bennewitz. 

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Vice Rectorate for Research and Early-Career Researchers

Vice Rector is Professor Dr. Andreas Zimmer.

People are waving national flags
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Vice Rectorate for International Affairs

Vice Rector is Professor Dr. Birgit Ulrike Münch.

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Vice Rectorate for Sustainability

Vice Rector is Professor Dr. Annette Scheersoi.

Students studying together
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Vice Rectorate for Learning, Teaching and University Development

Vice Rector is Professor Dr. Klaus Sandmann.

the white house in the "Argelander Straße"
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Rectorate’s Executive Management

Managing Director is Dr. Martina Krechel-Engert.

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