Your Projects with Foundations, DAAD and Other Funding Sources

Our Service for Projects with Foundations, DAAD and Other Funding Sources

We can assist you with searching for suitable funding sources and submitting your project proposal, and can assist you during the course of your project until it has concluded.

Current Calls for Tenders

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Are you looking for alternative funding opportunities? There are many publicly accessible databases that can give you an initial overview of potential funding opportunities, some of which allow you to filter your search based on your individual needs.


We would be happy to provide both general advice and advice based on your individual needs concerning foundations and other funding sources, and help select the appropriate funding program for your project idea.

  • General information
  • Information based on your individual needs
  • Review of proposal eligibility and requirements


If you are planning a specific proposal, we would be happy to assist you all the way from planning to submission.

  • Researching guidelines and information
  • Assistance with budget planning
  • Coordination of offers of support by the Rectorate
  • Obtaining signatures from university management
  • Review of proposals
  • Assistance with electronic submission procedures
  • Assistance with ethical aspects

Other areas

We would be happy to coordinate the inclusion of expertise in other areas that are important for your proposal.

  • Budget planning
  • Personnel cost calculation (Section 7.2)
  • Research contracts (Staff Unit, Division 7 – Research and Innovation Services)
  • Central Translation Service 

Special Aspects

DAAD Grants

We would be happy to advise you on submitting DAAD research proposals for postdoctoral researchers.

The International Office can answer questions about DAAD proposals for students and DAAD partnership projects.

Please ensure that you follow the DAAD guidelines when submitting your proposal.

Employer Statement

Some funding sources require an employer statement when you submit project proposals that include funding for your own position. We would be happy to issue one for you.

  • Funding source and funding line
  • Project title
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Workplace and basic equipment offered by the management of the host institution

Allowance for Administrative Expenses

You can frequently apply for an allowance for administrative expenses.
This is the case, for example, for some of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation program lines.
Please check whether this is possible before submitting your proposal and take full advantage of the opportunity if it is available.
If you are uncertain, simply contact us at an early stage in the process.

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Foreign Funding Institutions

If you are planning a proposal for a foreign funding institution or would like to participate in a proposal by international partners, there are a few administrative details that have to be considered.

Important Details

If, as a co-applicant for a proposal, you are asked for a “letter of intent,” please contact us.

US universities often have their own templates for such LoIs. If you send them to us, we can modify them appropriately for local conditions.

In some cases, US universities that are acting as the main applicant will ask co-applicants to complete a questionnaire with many administrative details. We would be happy to help you complete these questionnaires. Since internal University legal issues often have to be clarified first, we ask that you provide us at least two weeks lead time.

Identification numbers, such as the DUNS number, are available on the intranet page for Section 5.3 – Acquisitions (Purchasing) and Customs.  

Please inquire whether the funding can be disbursed in euros. If not, please note that the funding is subject to exchange rate fluctuations. To avoid losses, please make sure you request an additional foreign currency allowance of 15 percent.

If you are planning a research stay abroad with local employees, e.g. assistants, please be sure to observe Circular 52/2017 “Processing of advance payments for material expenses in projects financed with third-party funds.” This can prevent situations where documents are missing that are difficult to obtain afterwards and deadlines are accidentally missed. 

Your contacts for funding advice

Avatar Waßmann

Dr. Kati Waßmann

Dipl. Biol.


Poppelsdorfer Allee 47

53115 Bonn

+49 228 73-3068

Office hours

  • Monday
    09.00 - 15.00 Uhr

  • Wednesday
    09.00 - 12.00 Uhr

  • Thursday
    09.00 - 15.00 Uhr

  • Friday
    09.00 - 12.00 Uhr

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After Approval

Once your project has been approved, we would be happy to arrange a kick-off meeting to start your project where project-related information can be exchanged and project leadership and project management can get to know each other. We provide support for all aspects of project management so that you can focus on your research.

Our service for third-party funded projetcs:

  • Contacts for project-executing organizations and project leaders at the University of Bonn
  • Requests for funds and controlling
  • Assistance with preparing the numerical section of the financial statement

Important information on implementing projects with foundations (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, German Federal Environmental (DBU) Foundation, Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Stifterverband, Volkswagen Foundation and other foundations)

Your project proposal has been approved and you have received an offer of third-party funding from the foundation. Congratulations!
Section 7.2 – Third-Party Funding & Project Management will assist you during the rest of the project life cycle and provide advice about administrative and financial implementation of the project.

Please forward complete documentation for the approved project to your contact in Section 7.2:

  • The award letter from the foundation providing funding
  • All annexes to the award letter (funding guidelines, form requirements, etc.)
  • Project proposal to which the award relates
  • Funding plan for the project

We will set up your project account in accordance with the funding award and assign a project number/WBS element that will let you view the third-party funding account, the availability of funds and all postings allocated to the project.

We will be happy to answer any questions about administrative implementation and can offer personal advice during a kick-off meeting.

We will be happy to answer any questions concerning administrative and financial implementation of the project.

Upon request, we will prepare a cost calculation for personnel funded by the project to allow better planning of the funds available under the personnel budget.

We would be happy to provide information on the financial status of your project in terms of the budget funds available, personnel costs, funds disbursed and the current account balance.

The funds provided by the foundation in the award letter will be requested from the funding provider during the course of the project or transferred on a quarterly basis (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation). This will take place based on an agreed payment plan.

Your contact in Section 7.2 would be happy to prepare the requests for funds/transfers and generate the voucher number required for the payment reference field of the transfer.

Please observe the format requirements for the individual funding providers.

When the project is concluded, a financial statement on the use of funds must be sent to the funding provider.

Depending on the funding award and funding guidelines for the foundation, annual interim reports on the use of funds may also be required.

Please observe the format requirements for the individual funding providers.

The financial statement is prepared in coordination between the project leaders and Section 7.2.

Every project has a fixed duration and therefore ends on the date specified in the award. The duration can only be extended with the approval of the funding provider.

The final report from the project leaders documents the conclusion of the project for the funding provider.

The financial statement documents the financial conclusion of the project for the funding provider.

Administratively, a project and the project account with University administration can be closed as soon as the project account has been balanced and locked.

Important information on the implementation of DAAD projects

When the DAAD awards funding, a grant agreement must be signed. Division 7 – Research and Innovation Services is authorized to sign grant agreements on behalf of the Provost. Please send your agreements either in duplicate via post or as a scan to the responsible contact person, who will arrange for them to be signed and forwarded to the DAAD. Please also include the DAAD funding plan the agreement is based on.

The agreement is not valid until it has been signed by the DAAD. Expenses and employment of staff before this date require explicit approval by the DAAD (early start of action).

Requests for funds are generally submitted by the project leaders or their assistant via the DAAD portal. The “Factura” invoicing app must first be used to generate a voucher number for the payment reference field. (In order to avoid an invoice from being automatically sent, please also indicate “no invoice” in the app.)

Depending on the program, funds may be requested from DAAD to cover expenditures that are expected in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

In general, the specific funding conditions for the program concerned must be observed when managing DAAD projects. When accounting for approved allowances, please also note the following:

A) Pure lump-sum funding approvals (PPP)

  • Settle travel expenses as business trips with the Travel Expenses contacts in accordance with the Travel Expenses Act of the respective German state (LRKG)
  • Proof only needs to be provided to DAAD for billable allowances
  • Positive/negative cash amounts are balanced at the conclusion of the project

B) Mobility and accommodation allowances under various programs for

  • Project personnel and guests: Settle travel expenses as business trips with the Travel Expenses contacts in accordance with the Travel Expenses Act of the respective German state (LRKG). DAAD allowances are not paid to the travelers.
  • Funded individuals: Settlement based on either the DAAD lump-sum funding rates, or actual expenses incurred, with receipts.
  • The DAAD accommodation allowances provide lump-sum coverage for all travel expenses incurred by the University of Bonn. Travel expenses that exceed the allowances must be funded in some other way.

Participant meals during an activity must be covered by accommodation/meal allowances. No additional catering costs/extra meal costs can be requested or billed (e.g. buffet during an event). As a rule, the University of Bonn catering guidelines must be observed.

Financial statements must be prepared each year by the project leaders or their assistant. To do so, please enter the necessary information into the DAAD online portal and first check your figures with your contact person. As soon as everything has been clarified, submit the statement as a PDF file signed by the project leaders to your contact in Section 7.2 for review. Your contact will arrange for it to be signed by the internal review body. As soon as it has been signed by the internal review body, you will receive the financial statement back for uploading to the online portal.

Your contacts in Third-Party Funding & Project Management

Avatar Galwas

Monika Galwas

I would be happy to assist you with any Questions about projects of Krupp- Thyssen-Stiftung. Available on thursday to friday

+49 228 73-7612

Avatar Kornatz

Caroline Kornatz

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about Projects of DBU-, VW- and B-IT-foundation.

+49 228 73-5712

Avatar Schultz

Dörte Schultz

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about "Stifterverband" and other foundations. Available ante meridiem.

+49 228 73-9457

Avatar Talv

Svenja Talv

I would be happy to assist you with any questions about DAAD projects.

+49 228 73-9481

Avatar Weber

Bärbel Weber

I would be happy to assist you with any questions About DAAD und der AvH-foundation. Available Mon. - Wed. in the morning and Thurs..

+49 228 73-9728

Avatar Springer

Christiane Springer

+49 228 73-5714

Your Cooperation and Forwarding Agreement

Collaborative projects generally require a cooperation and forwarding agreement, which is why you should contact Contract Management as early as possible.

Your contact for research contracts

Avatar Theiner

Mirco Theiner

Bei allen Fragen zu Ihrem Kooperationsvertrag unterstütze ich Sie gerne.

+49 228 73-54090

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