Working together

University Bodies 

These bodies represent the central organizational units of the University of Bonn.

The University Council

The University Council advises the Rectorate, acts together with the Senate to elect the members of the Rectorate and supervises its actions. 


The Rectorate is composed of the Rector, the Provost and the vice rectors. They work together in the management of the University of Bonn. 

The Senate

The Senate issues regulations, issues statements regarding issues affecting the University and participates in the election of the members of the Rectorate. 

The Faculties’ Conference 

The various faculties of the University of Bonn meet together in the Faculties’ Conference where they work together to coordinate inter-faculty issues and advise the Rectorate and University Council.

Representation of the University Membership

The organs of the University and the staff councils represent the interests of the various groups in the University.

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