Bonn Program for Sustainable Transformation

BOOST – Bonn Program for Sustainable Transformation

The Bonn Program for Sustainable Transformation is geared toward embedding sustainability systematically in all areas of the University and fostering a culture of sustainability. Participation, networking and student involvement all have a major role to play, as reflected not least in the program’s guiding principle, “Working Together for Sustainability.”

This participatory whole-of-institution approach is built on the mission statement that was formulated together with representatives of all stakeholder groups at the University and that defines strategic objectives and fields of activity.

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BOOST - working group

Interested members of various status groups at the University meet regularly in the BOOST working group to discuss sustainability issues and accompany the University on its path to sustainable development. For example, the group is involved in choosing sustainable projects to be supported via the funding pot.

The sustainability strategy is developed based on the mission statement: working groups focusing on specific topics (BOOST sub-groups) set operational targets and define tangible measures for achieving them. All members of the University are invited to get involved in developing the strategy via corresponding tools (such as the Ideas Inbox).

The sustainability strategy is to be understood as a dynamic process rather than a static plan. It is constantly being developed further so that it can adapt in light of changing circumstances and new insights.

BOOST - campaign months

To promote networking and a culture of sustainability, the University of Bonn organizes a quarterly campaign month and invites all its members to take part in the many varied initiatives and events all about sustainability. 

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