Starting Over.

Applicants for a Second Degree

This category includes applicants who have already obtained a first state-approved or academic degree (bachelor’s, Magister, Diplom) at a German higher education institution and wish to enroll for another degree program.

Good to know...

Restricted admission to degree programs also applies to applicants for a second degree. In favor of applicants who have not yet obtained a higher education degree in Germany, the special admission quota for applicants for a second degree is 3% of available places. Applicants who have completed a first higher education degree program by the application cut-off date fall under this quota. 

Applications for degree programs with nationwide admission restrictions (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry) are subject to the application deadline for Abitur certificate holders from previous years (Altabiturienten).

Law degree programs are considered completed upon passing the first state examination. Pharmacy degree programs are considered completed upon passing the second part of the pharmaceutical examination. 

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What is not considered studying for second degree?

Enrolling for another degree program in addition to an ongoing degree program

Students who have not yet completed their degree program and wish to enroll for additional subjects or degree programs (double degree) (see Switching to Another Subject or Degree Program).

External students attending courses
Students of other universities who wish to attend courses at the University of Bonn are called cross-registered students and must file a respective application. 

Selection of applicants for a second degree

Holders of a first degree from a German higher education institution must substantiate why it is necessary for them to obtain a second degree.

Applicants are selected according to an index that is derived from the examination result in their first degree program and their reasons for applying for a second degree. For detailed information on substantiating the necessity of a second degree as well as on the selection procedure, please refer to the infosheet provided by The general information provided in the infosheet also applies to applications for a second degree in degree programs with admission restrictions by location.

If you wish to enroll for a second degree in Pharmacy, Medicine or Dentistry due to scientific reasons, you will need to have your case assessed in writing by the university at which you wish to obtain your second degree. This assessment should be requested from your preferred university no later than four weeks before the application deadline (i.e. by end of April for the winter semester, mid-December for the summer semester). This is because your request will undergo a long administrative process until the actual assessment, which must be verified and signed off by the rector, can be sent to Hochschulstart. The university assesses your case based on the substantiation and supporting documentation submitted by you. If you have more than one higher education degree, your application for a second degree can be based on your best final examination result. 

Application procedure

As an applicant for a second degree in a degree program with restricted admission, you must complete the same online application procedure as applicants for a first degree by the respective deadlines and submit all additionally required application documents for a second degree on time.

Applicants will then be selected according to the criteria described above within the special quota for applicants for a second degree (3% of places available in a degree program).


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