Santander Innovation Grants

Funding for Founders

Santander Innovation Grants support start-ups at the University of Bonn in market development and consolidating their organisational structure. Start-up teams are funded with grants in the two categories "travel allowances" or "coaching allowances". Applications can be submitted for trips to e.g. strengthen customer relationships or participate in trade fairs or team workshops. All potential founding teams supported by the Transfer Centre enaCom as well as University of Bonn start-ups already founded (up to three years after the date of foundation) can apply. Before submitting the application, a consultation with the start-up advisory team is required.

The Santander Innovation Grants are funded by Santander Consumer Bank AG as part of the 'Santander Universities' programme.

Funding Conditions

A maximum of €5,000 can be granted per application and category (travel or coaching). The grants are awarded once per team and category by the Transfer Centre enaCom. They are earmarked for the respective travel or coaching project applied for. A well-founded travel or coaching plan including time planning and cost calculation must be submitted. The benefits of the project and the planned added value for the start-up project as a result of the funding must be clearly stated in the outline. A selection committee decides on the allocation of funds.

You can find the funding conditions under the following link:


All start-up teams that are supported by the Transfer Centre enaCom can submit an application. Start-ups or spin-offs already founded at the University of Bonn are also eligible to apply for three years from the date of foundation.

Before submitting the application, a consultation with the start-up advisory team is required.

(1) The funds are made available from a SANTANDER SPONSORING of the university for specific travels, conference participation including fees and for team coaching.

(2) The funds are granted either for "travel allowances" or "coaching allowances". One application per category is permitted, for which a maximum of € 5,000 gross can be approved.

(3) The funds are tied to the promotion of science-based start-up ideas or projects, spin-offs and start-ups from the University of Bonn and cannot be granted for research projects.

(4) The aim of the funding is to support a start-up team with travel funds for conference participation, their sales activities and other customer visits, as well as for trade fair participation, which cannot be covered by revenues or own funds. In addition, team coachings can be applied for.

(5) The grant is subject to clear disbursement for previously requested travel or coaching.

The funds can be used for:

(1) Travel expenses (accommodation costs, transport costs, conference fees)

(2) Team coachings

(3) No daily allowances or catering costs will be reimbursed

(4) Commissioning of external trainers for team coaching sessions

Once the application has been submitted, a selection committee made up of professors and start-up consultants jointly decides on approval.

Please use the application form available for download on this website.

The application should be accompanied by the relevant documents:

  • For trips: Travel planning with justification and objectives as well as the benefits (travel overview including duration of the trip, number of planned overnight stays for all travellers, transport costs and fees).
  • For team coaching: Valid offer from the external service provider and a justification as to why exactly the service provider should be commissioned, as well as a description of the objectives and team benefits of the coaching.

About the Grants

By concluding a framework agreement in 2018, the University of Bonn joined the 'Santander Universities' network. The Santander bank now supports various projects at 1,295 partner universities worldwide, including scholarships and mobility programmes. The projects supported focus on internationalisation, increasing employability, innovation, sustainability and digitalisation. Santander has been funding the Santander Innovation Grants administered by the Transfer Centre as part of the cooperation with the University of Bonn since 2021.


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