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Strategies for a healthy university experience. We organize a range of seminars, workshops and talks focusing on ensuring a healthy university experience.

Turn up and take part! Further details about the individual aspects of this provision is available on the relevant sub-page.

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Wenn weniger mehr ist: Mit nachhaltiger Pausengestaltung zu fokussiertem Arbeiten (German Workshop)

The workshop shows how one's own resilience and resource strengthening supports not to run permanently driven after the here and now. The focus within the common workshop time will be on the break.

Because one's own resources cannot be maintained in a balanced way in the long run without high-quality breaks. But how do we manage to take breaks in our turbulent everyday lives that sustainably strengthen us?

Answers to these and other questions will be provided in the five-hour online workshop.

Doctorate plus - E-Trainings

Various e-training courses offered by Pink University in cooperation with the Bonn Graduate Center.

Rauchfrei Programm

The Institute of General Practice and Family Medicine at the University of Bonn runs online courses designed to help you give up smoking. Designed on the basis of established and certified course, they are provided in a new digital format.

Doctoral Researcher Training

The preventive stress management program “Power through your doctoral studies” is tailored to your specific needs as a doctoral student and is designed to help you deal with potential stress factors in a healthy and productive manner.

The five seminar blocks focus on teaching a broad repertoire of stress management strategies (e.g. mental stress management and optimizing time and learning management) and on encouraging participants to reflect on and share experiences. The seminar also provides an insight into various relaxation techniques and breathing and physical exercises. The sessions are conceived as four-hour training units (incl. pauses).

The seminar seeks to provide guidance during your doctoral studies and enable you to integrate the behaviors learned in the course into your everyday life.

The next seminar will take place in the winter semester 2023/24.

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