06. November 2023

Rethinking waste separation Rethinking waste separation

The University of Bonn is implementing a waste reduction concept

The University of Bonn wants to achieve even more sustainable waste disposal by introducing a uniform system, eliminating unnecessary waste baskets.

New waste separation system
New waste separation system © Denis Nasser
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Recycling is a crucial part of sustainable waste management, but even better than recycling is avoidance! Thus the University of Bonn is moving forward with its newly adopted waste separation policy, procuring special waste containers.
A uniform color system is being rolled out to facilitate waste sorting at all locations. It is important that different waste types be stringently separated for optimal recycling of valuable resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving materials in the process. Separating waste into different types seems like something easy, but it can be a tricky question at times. The University of Bonn has thus prepared an info sheet based on comments contributed by many University staff and students titled The ABC of Waste, in the interest of more accurate waste separation. The document, conveniently available here for download, contains a list of waste types and information on their respective proper disposal.
For the best kind of waste is that which was never generated in the first place. And that's why the University of Bonn is reducing the number of waste containers placed in offices, kitchenettes, library rooms, lecture halls, labs, foyers and hallways. This on the one hand will eliminate containers and trash bags that aren't really necessary while making the discarding of trash something we are all more aware of as we go about our day.
Further information on waste separation is available here

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