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University Life in Bonn

Bonn is a fantastic environment in which to live, work and study and provides a wide range of opportunities which enable you to recharge your batteries and develop new ideas. 

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As with the rest of Germany, the accommodation market in Bonn is not easy. Here is some useful information to enable a good start in Bonn.

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Where can University members and guests find a good, but affordable lunchtime and evening meal? 

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Getting around Bonn is almost always an adventure. Here are some tips for traveling by bus, train, bicycle and car. 

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Find out about the Universitätsfest, the first-semester welcome events and events hosted by the Rectorate. 

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
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Culture in Bonn

Big band, chamber choir and much more... find out about and experience music, dance and literature in the Center for Arts.

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Museums and Collections

Whatever interests you: Venus, dinos, minerals, counting machines... eleven museums and collections invite you to come in and learn. 

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University Sports

Wear yourself out or relax with University Sports: rowing, aerobics, boxing, yoga and much more. 



A range of university congregations and associations from different confessions and beliefs facilitate contacts with co-religionists, organize events, lectures and much more.

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Alumni and Funding

Re-live the old times with old friends and make a contribution to your Alma Mater. 

Infopunkt und Unishop
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Info Point and Unishop

Find out all you need to know about university life and studies at an attractive historic location. 

Studentische Gruppen
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Student groups

Student groups contribute to the University’s diverse culture

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