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Structured Doctoral Programs

Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS)

The University of Bonn pursues the goal of leading young academics to a doctorate within the structured framework of graduate schools. Bonn International Graduate Schools (BIGS) guarantee doctoral training at the highest level. BIGS enable doctoral studies in outstanding research contexts with attractive international collaborations and a tailored qualification program.

Structured Training at the Highest Level

BIGS offer doctoral programs that meet the highest international standards. They recruit doctoral students internationally, offer high-quality research curricula in English and give their students access to international research partnerships:


Qualification Program Doctorate plusBIGS

Doctorate plusBIGS is an interdisciplinary qualification program that is offered exclusively to BIGS doctoral students. Doctorate plusBIGS offers various courses throughout the semester, from half-day workshops to language courses during the semester. The courses offered cover topics such as leadership, presentation and management skills.

Our BIGS at a glance

Bonn International Graduate School of Chemistry 

BIGS-Chemistry offers doctoral students in Bonn an outstanding and ambitious graduate program that takes into account all areas of chemistry.

Bonn International Graduate School of Clinical and Population Sciences 

The BIGS CPS is interdisciplinary and combines medical, agricultural and pharmaceutical research.

Bonn International Graduate School for Development Research

The BIGS-DR concept provides excellent and intensive support for doctoral students in the field of development aid, politics or research. The program is conducted in English.

Bonn International Graduate School of Drug Sciences

The International Graduate School for Pharmaceutical Research is aimed at doctoral students from Bonn in the participating institutes from the Faculties of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Medicine.

Bonn Graduate School of Economics

The BGSE offers a structured  graduate program in Economics in a leading international research context. Individual research is combined with a research training program that is precisely tailored to the needs of doctoral students.

Bonn International Graduate School of Immunosciences and Infection

The BIGS Immunosciences and Infection is a structured three-year PhD program in connection with the ImmunoSensation Cluster / Bonn, an excellence initiative of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Bonn International Graduate School of Land and Food 

The BIGS Land and Food combines research at the Faculty of Agriculture with an interdisciplinary study program.

Bonn International Graduate School of Life & Medical Sciences 

BIGS-LIMES offers a graduate program for doctoral students in Bonn specializing in biochemistry, life sciences and biomedicine.

Bonn International Graduate School of Mathematics

Located at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, the BIGS-M forms an umbrella for all Bonn doctoral students in the subject of mathematics. The BIGS-M thus contributes to the excellent national and international reputation of Bonn mathematics.

Bonn International Graduate School of Neuroscience

BIGS Neuroscience offers Bonn doctoral students an outstanding graduate program in the field of neuroscience.

Bonn International Graduate School of Oriental and Asian Studies

The BIGS-OAS is dedicated to researching the cultures and societies of Asia and the Middle East. The graduate school encompasses a wide range of curricula in a research-intensive context.

Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy 

Funded in 2008 as part of the excellence initiative of the federal and state governments, the BCGS offers doctoral studies with an integrated honors program. The BCGS is jointly organized by the renowned physics institutes of the Universities of Bonn and Cologne.


The Bonn Graduate Center acts as the office of the BIGS network. If you would like to join the BIGS network or if you have any questions, please contact the Bonn Graduate Center.

Avatar Kaminsky

Clara Kaminsky

Managing Director of the Bonn Graduate Center

BIGS Spokesperson Council

The BIGS Spokesperson Council - chaired by Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmer, Vice Rector for Research - supports the establishment of further graduate schools and offers guidelines.

Avatar Zimmer

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmer

Chairman of the BIGS Spokesperson Council and Vice-Rector for Research and Early-career Researchers

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