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Avatar Dr. Dinar Abdullin
Dr. Dinar Abdullin
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Metalloproteins, Software development, Structural biology
Avatar Dr. rer. nat. Farah Noreen Afzal
Dr. rer. nat. Farah Noreen Afzal
Baryon spectroscopy, Excitation spectrum of nucleons, Strong interaction
Avatar Dr. Kaustuv Basu
Dr. Kaustuv Basu
Cosmic Microwave Background, Cosmology, Galaxy clusters, Microwave instrumentation
Avatar Priv. Doz. Dr. Philip Bechtle
Priv. Doz. Dr. Philip Bechtle
Avatar Prof. Dr. Reinhard Beck
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Beck
Avatar Prof. Florian Bernlochner
Prof. Florian Bernlochner
TRA Matter Steering Committee
CKM Metrology with Vub and Vcb, Heavy Quarks, Search for dark photons and heavy neutral leptons at the LHC, Search for new physics in semileptonic decays
Avatar Prof. Dr. Frank Bertoldi
Prof. Dr. Frank Bertoldi
Avatar Prof. Frank Bigiel
Prof. Frank Bigiel
Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy, Interstellar Medium, Radioastronomy, Star Formation
Avatar Jun. Prof. Alessandro Bismuto
Jun. Prof. Alessandro Bismuto
Bismuth and antimony-based catalysis, Low-valent pnictogens species, Luminescent main group materials
Avatar Prof. Dr. Ian Brock
Prof. Dr. Ian Brock
Heavy elementary particles, Machine learning in particle physics, Particle physics at the highest energies
Avatar PD Dr. Margret Bülow
PD Dr. Margret Bülow
In vivo modelling and imaging in Drosophila melanogaster brains, Membrane contact sites in neurons, Organelle dynamics, Super-resolution microscopy
Avatar Junior Prof. Ala Bunescu
Junior Prof. Ala Bunescu
C-H functionalization, photocatalysis, transition metal catalysis
Avatar Dr. Dario Colombo
Dr. Dario Colombo
Galaxy evolution, Interstellar medium, Milky Way structure, Star formation quenching
Avatar Prof. Klaus Desch
Prof. Klaus Desch
Axions, Gridpix Detectors, Higgs-Boson, Particle Physics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Jeroen Dickschat
Prof. Dr. Jeroen Dickschat
Avatar Prof. Dr. Jochen Dingfelder
Prof. Dr. Jochen Dingfelder
Experimental high-energy physics, Flavor physics, Hadron collider physics, Higgs boson, microelectronics, Radiation detectors
Avatar Dr. Manuel Drees
Dr. Manuel Drees
Cosmological inflation, Dark Matter, LHC Physics
Avatar Prof. PhD Herbert Dreiner
Prof. PhD Herbert Dreiner
Beyond Standard Model Phenomenology, LHC Physics, Light long-lived Particles, Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
Avatar Prof. Claude Duhr
Prof. Claude Duhr
Phänomenologie der Elementarteilchen, Quantenchromodynamik, Quantenfeldtheorie
Avatar Dr. rer. nat. Ali El-Tayeb
Dr. rer. nat. Ali El-Tayeb
Chemical synthesis and purification of bioactive molecules, Development of in vitro assays, Development of radioligands, fluorescence ligands, Stability and metabolism studies
Avatar Priv. Doz. Dr. Marianne Engeser
Priv. Doz. Dr. Marianne Engeser
Detection of reactive Intermediates, Mass Spectrometry, Reaction Mechanisms, Structure Elucidation
Avatar Prof. Michael Famulok
Prof. Michael Famulok
Aptamer research, Chemical biology, DNA Nanotechnology
Avatar Prof. Alexander Filippou
Prof. Alexander Filippou
Molecular Chemistry of Silicon in Low Oxidation States, Quantum Chemical Analyses of Novel Bonds, The Chemistry of Transition Metal-Tetrel Triple bonds
Avatar Jun.-Prof. Lena Funcke
Jun.-Prof. Lena Funcke
Lattice field theory, Machine learning, Particle physics, Quantum computing
Avatar Prof. PD Markus Gabriel
Prof. PD Markus Gabriel
Epistemology, Metaphysics/Ontology, Philosophy and ethics of the A.I., Philosophy of mind
Avatar Prof. Andreas Gansäuer
Prof. Andreas Gansäuer
Catalysis, Electron Transfer, Radicals, Titanium
Avatar Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme
Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme
Density functional theory, Quantum chemistry, Theoretical spectroscopy, Thermochemistry
Avatar Prof. Dr. Michael Gütschow
Prof. Dr. Michael Gütschow
Activity-based probes, Drug design, Enzyme inhibitors, PROTACs
Avatar Dr. Andreas Hansen
Dr. Andreas Hansen
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Benchmarking and high performance computing, Computational chemistry, (Local) coupled cluster methods, Multilevel workflows
Avatar Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hofferberth
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hofferberth
Quantum optics, Quantum science, Quantum technology, Ultracold atoms
Avatar Prof. Dr. Sigurd Höger
Prof. Dr. Sigurd Höger
Antimicrobial coatings, Ladder polymers, Macrocycles and molecular spoked wheels, pi-Conjugated oligomers and polymers
Avatar Dr. Fabian Hügging
Dr. Fabian Hügging
Particle detection for tracking in particle physics experiments, Semiconductor pixel detectors, Ultra-fast and high resolution particle detecting system, X-ray detection and imaging detectors
Avatar Dr. Stefan-Sven Jester
Dr. Stefan-Sven Jester
Scanning probe microscopy, Self-assembled monolayers, Shape-persistent molecules, Solid/liquid interface
Avatar Dr. Thomas Jude
Dr. Thomas Jude
Coherent photoproduction off the deuteron, Strangeness photoproduction
Avatar Jun.-Prof. Stephanie Jung
Jun.-Prof. Stephanie Jung
extracellular vesicles, innate immunity, RNA biology, virology
Avatar Dr. Jochen Kaminski
Dr. Jochen Kaminski
Gas-filled particle detectors, GridPix-Decectors, Neutron detectors, Time projection chambers
Avatar Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Ketzer
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Ketzer
Detector physics: development of high-resolution, fast Micropattern Gaseous Detectors and readout electronics, Experimental hadron physics with electromagnetic and hadronic probes: hadron structure and spectroscopy, Physics beyond the Standard Model with hadron physics methods: search for Dark Photons
Avatar Junior Prof. Dr. Patrycja Kielb
Junior Prof. Dr. Patrycja Kielb
TRA Matter Steering Committee
AI applications, Electron transfer via coupled Tyr/Trp networks in metalloenzymes., Rational design of artificial copper/heme-containing biocatalysts., Unraveling the molecular mechanism of O2-converting copper-containing enzymes., UV/Vis Raman spectro-electrochemistry – method development.
Avatar Prof. Dr. Barbara Kirchner
Prof. Dr. Barbara Kirchner
Ab initio and traditional molecular dynamics simulations, Development of tool for analyzing and visualizing trajectories, Quantum cluster equilibrium mode, Solvents and solvent effects
Avatar Prof. Corinna Kollath
Prof. Corinna Kollath
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Avatar Prof. Nikolay Kornienko
Prof. Nikolay Kornienko
Applied Spectroscopy, Material Design, Sustainable Electrocatalysis
Avatar Dr. Michael Kramer
Dr. Michael Kramer
Fundamental physics, Gravity, Pulsars, Radio astronomy
Avatar Dr. Larissa von Krbek
Dr. Larissa von Krbek
Photoswitsches, their synthesis, investigation, and their use in supramolecular architectures, Supramolecular chemistry and molecular self-assembly of metallo-supramolecular coordination complexes and cages, Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of self-assembled dynamic systems, Thermodynamic investigation of host-guest equilibria
Avatar Prof. Johann Kroha
Prof. Johann Kroha
Non-equilibrium dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems and in Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC), Theoretical quantum many-body physics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa
Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa
Cosmology, Milgromian dynamics, Stellar dynamics, Stellar populations
Avatar Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kubitscheck
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kubitscheck
Antibiotic mode of action, Light sheet fluorescence microscopy, Neuronal connectomics, Nucleocytoplasmic transport
Avatar Prof. Jürgen Kusche
Prof. Jürgen Kusche
Future sensors and observation systems, Satellite geodesy, Sea level and climate, Terrestrial water cycle
Avatar Prof. Norbert Langer
Prof. Norbert Langer
Compact stars in binaries, Gravitational wave sources, Massive star evolution, Origin of the chemical elements
Avatar Prof. Stefan Linden
Prof. Stefan Linden
Avatar Prof. Connie Lu
Prof. Connie Lu
TRA Matter Speaker
Catalysis, Energy and sustainability, Ligand design, Metal-metal bonding
Avatar Prof. Dr. David Luitz
Prof. Dr. David Luitz
Nonequilibrium phenomena, Quantum computing, Quantum many-body systems, Thermalization
Avatar Dr. Michael Lupberger
Dr. Michael Lupberger
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Data Acquisition Systems, Fast Timing Detectors, Gaseous Detectors, Maschine Learing on FPGA
Avatar Prof. Dr. Arne Lützen
Prof. Dr. Arne Lützen
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Organic Electronics, Organic Synthesis, Self-Assembly Processes, Supramolecular Chemistry
Avatar Prof. Günter Mayer
Prof. Günter Mayer
Aptamers, Optogenetics, Targeted therapies
Avatar Prof. Dr. Ulf-G. Meißner
Prof. Dr. Ulf-G. Meißner
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Avatar Prof. Dr. Dirk Menche
Prof. Dr. Dirk Menche
Structure-activity relationships, Synthetic method development, Total synthesis of complex natural products
Avatar Senior-Professor Dieter Meschede
Senior-Professor Dieter Meschede
Atomic Physics, Laser Physics, Quantum Information Science, Quantum Optics
Avatar Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Christa Müller
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Christa Müller
Avatar Prof. Sebastian Neubert
Prof. Sebastian Neubert
TRA Matter Speaker
Avatar Jun.-Prof. Andrina Nicola
Jun.-Prof. Andrina Nicola
Cosmological probe combination, Cosmology, Large-scale structure of the Universe
Avatar Dr. Kim Andrea Nicoli
Dr. Kim Andrea Nicoli
Lattice Field Theory, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Variational Inference
Avatar Dr. Florian Pacaud
Dr. Florian Pacaud
Cosmology, Galaxy clusters, Statistical methods, X-ray astronomy
Avatar Dr. Klaas Padeken
Dr. Klaas Padeken
HV-CMOS sensors, Large experiment data acquisition, Radiation hard pixel detectors, The LHCb Mighy Tracker
Avatar Prof. Katrin Paeschke
Prof. Katrin Paeschke
Genome stability regulation, Nucleic acid structure mediated immune changes, Nucleic acid structures formation and function in cells, Protein - DNA or RNA interaction
Avatar Prof. Dr. Cristiano Porciani
Prof. Dr. Cristiano Porciani
Avatar Dr. rer. nat. Werner Reckien
Dr. rer. nat. Werner Reckien
Hydrogen Bonds, Supramolecular Chemistry, Vibrational Spectroscopy
Avatar Prof. Dr. Thomas Reiprich
Prof. Dr. Thomas Reiprich
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Cosmology, Galaxy clusters, Supermassive black holes, X-ray astronomy
Avatar Dr. Christian Röken
Dr. Christian Röken
Gravitational physics, Loop quantum gravity, Relativistic quantum (field) theory in curved spacetimes, Theoretical astroparticle and heliophysics
Avatar Dr. Katharina Scherer
Dr. Katharina Scherer
Dynamics of viral infection, Fluorescence microscopy, Viruses assembly
Avatar Prof. Dr. Olav Schiemann
Prof. Dr. Olav Schiemann
Biomacromolecular Complexes, EPR Spectroscopy, Structure-Dynamics-Function Relationships
Avatar Prof. Hartmut Schmieden
Prof. Hartmut Schmieden
Avatar Dr. Julian Schmitt
Dr. Julian Schmitt
Photonics, Quantum gases of light and matter, Quantum optics, Thermodynamics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Matthias Schott
Prof. Dr. Matthias Schott
Precision Measurements in the Electroweak Section and QCD, Searches for Axion-Like Particles, Searches for High-Frequency Gravitational Waves, Study of Non-Perturbative Effects in proton-proton and Heavy Ion Collisions
Avatar Prof. Dr. Moritz Sokolowski
Prof. Dr. Moritz Sokolowski
Adsorption of functional organic molecules on surfaces, Collective optical properties, Laser and fluorescence spectroscopy, Surface Science
Avatar Junior Prof. Simon Stellmer
Junior Prof. Simon Stellmer
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Avatar Junior Prof. Dr. Annika Thiel
Junior Prof. Dr. Annika Thiel
Baryon Spectroscopy, Exotic States, Meson Spectroscopy, Partial Wave Analysis
Avatar Prof. Dr. Ulrike Thoma
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Thoma
Avatar Prof. Dr. Carsten Urbach
Prof. Dr. Carsten Urbach
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Avatar Dr. Frank Vewinger
Dr. Frank Vewinger
Bose-Einstein condensation of photons, Coherent light-matter interaction, High-pressure spectroscopy
Avatar Prof. Dr. Peter Vöhringer
Prof. Dr. Peter Vöhringer
Chemical dynamics, Femtochemistry, Laser spectroscopy, Sustainability
Avatar Prof. Dr. Martin Weitz
Prof. Dr. Martin Weitz
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Experimental quantum optics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Norbert Wermes
Prof. Dr. Norbert Wermes
Experimental High Energy Particle Physics, Hadron Collider Physics, Radiation Detectors and Micro Electronics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Walter Witke
Prof. Dr. Walter Witke
TRA Matter Steering Committee
Avatar Dr. rer. nat. Yannick Moritz Albert Paul Wunderlich
Dr. rer. nat. Yannick Moritz Albert Paul Wunderlich
Amplitude analysis and partial-wave analysis, Hadron spectroscopy, Polarization measurements for photonuclear reactions and complete experiments
Avatar Dr. Luke Wylie
Dr. Luke Wylie
Computational Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Ionic Liquids, Thermodynamics
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