Ali El-Tayeb
Dr. rer. nat. Ali El-Tayeb
  • Pharmazeutisches Institut
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Research topics
  • Chemical synthesis and purification of bioactive molecules
  • Development of in vitro assays
  • Development of radioligands, fluorescence ligands
  • Stability and metabolism studies
My research is focusing on drug discovery. I work in medicinal chemistry including synthesis and purification of biologically active molecules, nucleosides and nucleotides using diverse techniques such as HPLC, NMR, and LC/MS spectroscopy. The main drug target is to discover agonists or antagonists of the purinergic receptor family, substrates or inhibitors of the ectonucleotidase enzymes. The aim is to discover new medications for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer and neuropathic pain. In drug development, I work together with pharma industry. I acted as the Neuroallianz T2 project leader (UCB, Belgium) and in a project with Orion Pharma, Finland. I am active in research as well as teaching. I have an “Akademischer Rat” teaching position and I am actively involved in teaching courses for the pharmacy students. I am currently involved in the teaching of the Instrumental Analysis courses for the fourth semester in pharmacy.
Selected publications

Bhattarai S, Pippel J, Scaletti E, Idris R, Freundlieb M, Rolshoven G, Renn C, Lee SY, Abdelrahman A, Zimmermann H, El-Tayeb A, Müller CE, Sträter N (2020) 2-Substituted α,β-Methylene-ADP Derivatives: Potent Competitive Ecto-5'-nucleotidase (CD73) Inhibitors with Variable Binding Modes. J Med Chem 63(6):2941-2957.

Pegurier C, Provins L, Cardenas A, Ledecq, Müller CE, Hockemeyer J, El-Tayeb A, Boshta N, Mahmoud R (2020) Pyridinyl and pyrazinyl-(aza)indolsulfonamides. WO2019243303A. 

Gnad T, Scheibler S, von Kügelgen I, Scheele C, Kilić A, Glöde A, Hoffmann LS, Reverte-Salisa L, Horn P, Mutlu S, El-Tayeb A, Kranz M, Deuther-Conrad W, Brust P, Lidell ME, Betz MJ, Enerbäck S, Schrader J, Yegutkin GG, Müller CE, Pfeifer A (2014) Adenosine activates brown adipose tissue and recruits beige adipocytes via A2A receptors. Nature 516(7531):395-9.

Ali El-Tayeb
Dr. rer. nat. Ali El-Tayeb
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