Christian Röken
Dr. Christian Röken
  • Philosophische Fakultät
  • Institute of Philosophy
  • Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics
Research topics
  • Gravitational physics
  • Relativistic quantum (field) theory in curved spacetimes
  • Theoretical astroparticle and heliophysics
  • Loop quantum gravity
My main research focus is on general relativistic, semi-classical, and quantum gravitational models for black holes and their coupling to, and interaction with, fermionic and bosonic fields. Furthermore, I construct radiation emission models for blazars and magnetohydrodynamical models of the heliosphere and its vicinity. I also work on various research questions in quantum (field) theory in curved spacetimes.
Selected publications

Röken, C., “A Quasi-local, Functional Analytic Detection Method for Stationary Limit Surfaces of Black Hole Spacetimes”, arXiv:2212.10962v2 [gr-qc] (2024).

Röken, C., “A Family of Horizon-penetrating Coordinate Systems for the Schwarzschild Black Hole Geometry with Cauchy Temporal Functions”, General Relativity and Gravitation 54, id. 33 (2022).

Finster, F. and Röken, C., “Self-adjointness of the Dirac Hamiltonian for a Class of Non-uniformly Elliptic Boundary Value Problems”, Annals of Mathematical Sciences and Applications 1, 301-320 (2016).

Christian Röken
Dr. Christian Röken
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