Stephanie Jung
Jun.-Prof. Stephanie Jung
  • Institute of Cardiovascular Immunology
  • Medical Faculty
Research topics
  • virology
  • innate immunity
  • extracellular vesicles
  • RNA biology
Early virus-host interactions involve the interplay of viral utilization of cellular proteins and functions with innate defense mechanisms. Our research aims to answer the following questions: What mechanisms and specific patterns lead to the recognition of viral infection? What does a virus do to evade this recognition? What cellular structures do viruses resemble? In which cells are viral infections actually detected - in the uninfected cells or in the infected cells? We are taking a closer look at the ongoing race between viruses and the immune system, with a special focus on extracellular vesicles (EVs). This new and very interdisciplinary field has led to many surprising discoveries in recent years and shows high potential for further scientific developments.
Selected publications

Jung S, von Thülen T, Yang I, Laukemper V, Rupf B, Janga H, Panagiotidis G, Schön A, Schulte L, Obermann H-L, Weber F, Kaufmann A, Bauer S (2020): A Ribosmal RNA fragment with 2’,3’-cyclic phosphate and GTP- binding activity acts as RIG-I ligand, Nucleic Acid Research 48(18):10397-10412

Jung S, Jacobs KFK, Shein M, Schütz AK, Mohr F, Stadler H, Lucko AM, Altstetter SM, Wilsch F, Protzer U (2020): Efficient and reproducible depletion of Hepatitis B virus from plasma derived extracellular vesicles; Journal of extracellular vesicles (2):e12040

Stephanie Jung
Jun.-Prof. Stephanie Jung
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