Larissa von Krbek
Dr. Larissa von Krbek
  • Kekulé-Institut für Organische Chemie und Biochemie
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Research topics
  • Supramolecular chemistry and molecular self-assembly of metallo-supramolecular coordination complexes and cages
  • Photoswitsches, their synthesis, investigation, and their use in supramolecular architectures
  • Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of self-assembled dynamic systems
  • Thermodynamic investigation of host-guest equilibria
Most supramolecular self-assembly processes are thermodynamically driven. In contrast, natural systems predominantly operate far from equilibrium driven by the consumption of a fuel, allowing for adaptivity, emergent behaviour, and the ability to perform work. Implementing such out-of-equilibrium processes into synthetic systems will lead to greater complexity and function in man-made materials. Investigation of these man-made out-of-equilibrium systems might provide a better understanding of the kinetic and thermodynamic constraints in living systems. We aim to design and investigate metallo-supramolecular systems driven by chemical, electrochemical, and photochemical fuels, with the final goal of furthering our understanding of out-of-equilibrium systems and emergent behaviour.
Selected publications

Yang D, von Krbek LKS, Yu L, Ronson TK, Thoburn JD, Carpenter JP, Greenfield JL, Howe DJ, Wu B, Nitschke JR (2021) Glucose Binding Drives Reconfiguration of a Dynamic Library of Urea-Containing Metal–Organic Assemblies Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60(9):4485–4490.

Von Krbek LKS, Roberts DA, Pilgrim BS, Schalley CA, Nitschke JR (2018) Multivalent Crown Ether Receptors Enable Allosteric Regulation of Anion Exchange in an Fe4L6 Tetrahedron. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 57(43):14121–14124.

Von Krbek LKS, Achazi AJ, Schoder S, Gaedke M, Biberger T, Paulus B, Schalley CA (2017) The Delicate Balance of Preorganisation and Adaptability in Multiply Bonded Host–Guest Complexes. Chem.—Eur. J. 23(12):2877–2883.

Larissa von Krbek
Dr. Larissa von Krbek
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