Jürgen Kusche
Prof. Jürgen Kusche
  • Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation
  • Collaborative Research Centre SFB1502
  • Faculty of Agriculture
Research topics
  • Satellite geodesy
  • Sea level and climate
  • Terrestrial water cycle
  • Future sensors and observation systems
Research in our group focuses on developing satellite-geodetic methods to improve our understanding of the Earth system, and integrating geodetic data with numerical Earth System Models. This includes observation techniques at various length scales, from lunar orbiter ranging, satellite radar altimetry and spaceborne gravimetry and mass change monitoring, to terrestrial GNSS reflectometry. We also explore the potential use of terrestrial and spaceborne quantum technology for quantifying processes related to climate change.
Selected publications

Schröder S, Stellmer S, Kusche, J (2021) Potential and scientific requirements of optical clock networks for validating satellite-derived time-variable gravity data. Geophysical Journal International 226(2):764–779.

Löcher A, Kusche J (2019) Assessment ft he impact of one-way laser ranging on orbit determination ft he Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Journal of Geodesy 93:2421–2428.

Rietbroek R, Brunnabend SE, Kusche J, Schröter J, Dahle C (2016) Revisiting the contemporary sea-level budget on global and regional scales. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America 113(6):1504–1509.

Jürgen Kusche
Prof. Jürgen Kusche
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