Frank Vewinger
Dr. Frank Vewinger
  • Institut für Angewandte Physik
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Research topics
  • Bose-Einstein condensation of photons
  • Coherent light-matter interaction
  • High-pressure spectroscopy
My main research area is the equilibrium thermodynamics of light, specifically the study of grand canonical Bose-Einstein condensates of photons as well as Bose-Einstein condensation in tailored potentials. The goal here is to study superfluidity as well as thermodynamic properties of the system as it transitions from one dimension to two dimensions. Further experiments include the spectroscopy of gases under high pressure, the aim here is the investigation of collision-induced thermalization.
Selected publications

E. Busley, L.E. Miranda, A. Redmann, C. Kurtscheid, K. Karkihalli Umesh, F. Vewinger, M. Weitz, J. Schmitt (2022) Compressibility and the equation of state of an optical quantum gas in a box. Science 375(6587):1403-1406.

J. Klaers, J. Schmitt, F. Vewinger, M. Weitz (2010) Bose–Einstein condensation of photons in an optical microcavity. Nature 468(7323):545-548.

F. Vewinger, M. Heinz, R.G. Fernandez, N.V. Vitanov, K. Bergmann (2003) Creation and measurement of a coherent superposition of quantum states. Physical Review Letters 91(21):213001.

Frank Vewinger
Dr. Frank Vewinger
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