Johann Kroha
Prof. Johann Kroha
  • Physikalisches Institut
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Research topics
  • Theoretical quantum many-body physics
  • Non-equilibrium dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems and in Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC)
Theoretical physics of quantum many-body systems. Strongly correlated fermionic (electronic) systems as well bosonic systems and Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs), i.e., ultracold atomic gases and photonic BECs. Specifically, time-resolved nonequilibrium dynamics of these systems. Quantum entanglement, coherence and dephasing in open quantum systems coupled to a reservoir. Method development: Semianalytic methods: Feynman- diagram techniques far from equilibrium and numerical solution of nonlinear integrodifferential equations, renormalization group methods. PI in the ML4Q cluster and in SFB185 OSCAR.
Selected publications

Observation of a non-Hermitian phase transition in an optical quantum gas, Fahri Emre Öztürk, Tim Lappe, Göran Hellmann, Julian Schmitt, Jan Klaers, Frank Vewinger, Johann Kroha, Martin Weitz, Science 372 (6537), 88-91  (2021).

Thermalization of isolated Bose-Einstein condensates by dynamical heat bath generation, Anna Posazhennikova, Mauricio Trujillo-Martinez, Johann Kroha, feature article, Annalen Phys. (Berlin) 530, 1700124 (2018).

Kondo destruction in RKKY-coupled Kondo lattice and multi-impurity systems, Ammar Nejati, Katinka Ballmann, and Johann Kroha, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 117204 (2017).

Johann Kroha
Prof. Johann Kroha
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