Nikolay Kornienko
Prof. Nikolay Kornienko
  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Research topics
  • Sustainable Electrocatalysis
  • Material Design
  • Applied Spectroscopy
My lab’s overarching motivation is to discover and implement the chemistry necessary to transition to a sustainable energy-based society. Specifically, we are developing materials geared to convert renewable electricity and abundant building blocks to societally important products. Current Research: 1) Materials development - electrocatalysts ranging from heterogeneous to molecular systems that carry out small molecule activation. 2) Electrocatalytic reaction innovation - new sustainable routes via electrification of chemicals and fuels production. 3) In Situ and Operando method development - visualizing catalysts and reactions as they occur for mechanistic insights.
Selected publications

"Construction of C–N bonds from small-molecule precursors through heterogeneous electrocatalysis" J. Li, Y. Zhang, K. Kuruvinashetti, N. Kornienko* Nature Reviews Chemistry, 6, 303–319 (2022)


"Electrochemical Formation of C-S Bonds from CO2 and Small Molecule Sulfur Species" J. Li, H. Al-Mahayni, D. Chartrand, A. Seifitokaldani*, N. Kornienko* Nature Synthesis, in press (2023)


"Carbon dioxide as a building block in heterogeneous electrosynthesis of C-X (X=N, S, P) products" J. Li, H. Heidarpour, G. Gao, M. McKee, H. Bemana, Y. Zhang, C. T. Dinh*, A. Seifitokaldani*, and N. Kornienko* Nature Synthesis, in press (2023)

Nikolay Kornienko
Prof. Nikolay Kornienko
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