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Green Office Uni Bonn

We are the student-led sustainability office at the University of Bonn.

As the central point of contact for all sustainability issues, we are dedicated to networking students with the teaching and University staff with the aim of integrating this important issue in the University DNA. Formally affiliated with the University Sustainability Unit and Vice Rectorate for Sustainability, we are also a member of an international alliance, the Network of Green Offices.

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Are you interested in learning more about what the University is doing for the environment and about sustainable development?

Do you have any suggestions or criticism?

Would you like to set up a sustainability working group or do you need support in realizing a sustainability project?

We are on hand to help!


Sustainability Funding Pot for Departmental Student Bodies

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The sustainability funding pot for departmental student bodies is intended for sustainability projects initiated by student bodies or individual students at our University.

Why take part?

  • Financial support: every project that gets approved may be funded with up to €500.
  • Diverse projects: whether it’s a kitchen garden, climate-resilient plants or other sustainability-related ideas—we support your creativity.
  • Joint impact: your projects help make the University a more sustainable place and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Submission: share your ideas with us right now! Just send the completed application form and a table of costs for your project idea to greenoffice@uni-bonn.de, and we’ll review your proposal.


The General Students’ Committee and the Green Office organized the Un(i)conference, held June 30, 2023 as a follow-up event to the World Café, which took place back in February, the aim of which is to work out specific approaches to be taken to ensure sustainable growth of the University as  an institution. Attendees had group discussion on issues relating to teaching, participation, social responsibility at the University, colonial continuity, green finance and public-private research partnerships. A detailed report on the conference findings/results can be found here (upload report). Feel free to add notes and comments on the conference results on our Instagram.  Contact us via Instagram or email for any questions you may have. We want the findings from the conference to flow productively into the process of our becoming a ‘sustainable university’.

Sustainability at the University of Bonn in 2022 – a Green Office Reader

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We are pleased to present the Sustainability Reader: a source that gives students and staff a compact overview of all information pertaining to sustainable development at the University of Bonn. The Reader serves to inform the university public on the status quo at the University of Bonn regarding sustainability issues, as a bundled source of relevant information—including what measures and projects are in planning or already underway. We also hope the Reader will motivate you to get active and involved in one of many initiatives in your own area, or create an initiative of your own, for:
Only together can we transform the University to achieve sustainability! 

>> Download Nachhaltigkeitsreader (available in German only)<<

The Sustainability Network

The Sustainability Network is an internal, horizontal network of university staff, students and sustainability initiatives at the University of Bonn that extends across all areas and institutes. The Network promotes information sharing and dialogue on sustainability efforts and projects at the University, serving as a hub for the planning and communication of activities, through guidelines, for example. The Network members meet quarterly to discuss current sustainability issues together with relevant experts from the University. If interested in the Network, just email greenoffice@uni-bonn.de and we will put you on the mailing list.

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The ‘sustainable mensa’ process

A proposal was presented to the Studierendenwerk in July 2022, then workshops were held in October 2022 and January 2023 with the groups supporting the concept and representatives of the Studierendenwerk and of the NEiS sustainable student meals project. Funded by NEiS and conducted by the consulting firm a'verdis, the workshops yielded a sustainability action plan for the Studierendenwerk.
In January the Studierendenwerk invited us to visit the CAMPO Mensa along with representatives of university groups, the General Students’ Committee and the Student Parliament. We learned more about the Mensa and its operational processes during this visit and heard about issues of concern to Mensa staff.
May was vegan-vegetarian month in the Hofgarten Mensa, as originally called for in the concept proposal. Mensa demand stayed the same during this meatless month, which the supporting groups have declared a success.
Meetings are also held with the Studierendenwerk and the supporting groups bi-monthly to discuss the latest developments.


World Cafe

February 30, 2023

The World Café event was organized jointly by University management, the General Students’ Committee and the Green Office. Themed tables at the Café were devoted to discussion topics around operations, teaching, transparency, participation, networking, sustainability culture and justice. University staff, students and governance board members attended the World Café, the results of which are to flow into the University's sustainability strategy after more in-depth discussion at a follow-up event.

Proposal for a more sustainable canteen

July 28, 2022

At the end of July, various stakeholders presented a proposal for a more sustainable canteen to Studierendenwerk Bonn. A fruit of collaboration between Students for Future Bonn and other groups,  it has the backing of the Student Parliament, the General Students' Committee, PAN Uni Group Bonn, the Fairtrade University Bonn student initiative, Foodsharing Bonn, Fridays for Future Bonn, Health for Future Bonn, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, University of Applied Sciences Green Office and us!

Sustainable Science Slam

April 22, 2022

The evening’s spotlight was entirely on research projects and ideas for a sustainable future. Researchers passionate about sustainability, from the fields of biology, textile archaeology, forestry, agriculture, botany and behavioral economics explained what a more sustainable future could look like. Hosting the event was René Deutschmann, a known poetry slammer and host from Bonn.

The evening kicked off with a non-competitive performance and political message by Theresa Hartmann, winner of the 2020 Green Week’s Science Slam, who stated that while consumers were responsible for choices in their everyday shopping, they were not to blame for the climate crisis and unfair conditions around production processes. She called on policy makers and businesses to provide a framework for consumer behavior.

The event continued with six Sustainable Science Slam performances, presented in blocks of three.  Two slammers participated online, with Philipp Swoboda dialing in live from Graz and Fatimal Ali from Omdurman, and it was up to the audience to nominate the winner for the best performance of the evening. Due to two equally popular performances, the audience in the end crowned two winners: Leandra Hamann for her presentation on sea quirts as a solution to the problem of microplastic marine pollution and Philipp Swoboda for showing how basalt can be used as fertilizer for a more sustainable use of land.

If you didn't make it to the event, you can still enjoy the performances on our YouTube channel.

We would like to thank all slammers for their interesting acts and look forward to welcoming everyone at next year’s event.

Sustainability Day

May 12, 2022

Sustainability Day on the Poppelsdorf Campus was of course an event the Green Office was bound to get involved in. At our stand we gave visitors information on sustainability projects in place at the University and provided a forum for ideas and exchange. We were delighted to be able to speak with so many people in person and would like to thank everyone for their numerous ideas for a more sustainable University.

Additionally, we had organized a little hands-on activity: Those who were not afraid to get their hands dirty were taught how to make seed balls to prepare their home garden or balcony for the summer and help the bees at the same time.

Those who were unable to join us can easily make their own seed balls at home using our recipe.

Join in!

We are a small young team with three employed students. We currently have no vacancies, but always welcome volunteers.

We can also put you in touch with a range of University groups active in this area. A list is available on the AStA web page.

Opening hours

We currently do not have regular opening hours, but are planning to hold office hours as soon as the pandemic situation allows.

Contact us by telephone or email!


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