Fairer Februar

Campaign Month "Fairer Februar"

The University of Bonn invites all its members to take part in the many varied initiatives and events about sustainability as well as to come up with ideas for own campaigns.

Fairer Februar 2024

The “Fair February” campaign month returns this year, with an array of interesting ways to get involved, including hands-on activities. Fair trade will be the campaign focus topic for the month, with the slogan “Fairtrade University Bonn”.

Costume swap campaign for a sustainable Carnival season 02.02.24

Creative costumes are at the heart of Carnival buffoonery.

As veteran Carnival-goers know, finding the right garb and accessories can take significant effort—even more so if you want to take sustainability into consideration. Those interested in reducing consumption without having to re-wear last year’s outfit are in luck, thanks to the big Carnival costume exchange being organized as an all-new initiative this year by the University of Bonn’s Team N (N for “Nachhaltigkeit” or “sustainability”!
When: February 2, 2024 from 2:30 - appr. 4:30 pm
Where: Café Unique, located in the University Main Building (first floor, adjacent to the Colonnades and HS I lecture hall)
All University staff and students are invited to take part. You can give away entire costumes, costume elements and accessories, or trade one item for another. The Upcycling Station of the Green Office can be of assistance if your costume has buttons missing or small holes, or needs some pepping up.

Kostümtausch Header.png
© Leonie Kornel

 GreenScreen – Kino in der Brotfabrik (cinema located in an old bread-baking factory) 14.02.24

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so moving pictures with sound can say a whole lot more!

Movies are aptly named because they move our emotions—through scenes that leave an impression and lead us to insights (we firmly believe).
We are thus inviting researchers whose work concerns aspects of sustainability to the new GreenScreen event series. The films selected will reflect a similarly broad diversity as sustainability research itself, ranging from retro arthouse to pop culture classics and the latest blockbusters—anything goes.
The GreenScreen premiere will be held at Brotfabrik Bonn-Beuel on February 14, 2024 starting at 6 pm.
The opening film will be “Red Sky“. The invited researcher will be Professor Jacob Rhyner
A talk will be held after watching the film together in the Brotfabrik, and we encourage everyone in the audience to join in the discussion, as engaging in dialogue is most important. 
Tickets are available from Bonner Kinemathek.
*GreenScreen is a film event held six times a year in the Brotfabrik cinema, organized by the University of Bonn Team N in partnership with Bonner Kinemathek. For questions or comments please email Leonie Kornel (project manager) at: greenscreen@uni-bonn.de

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© Leonie Kornel

 Upcycling workshop in the Bundeskunsthalle national art gallery 21.02.24

This promises to be a highly illuminating upcycling workshop!

In parallel with the exhibition "Immanuel Kant and the Open Questions", we will be shedding some light on the matter of sustainability in relation to the Age of Enlightenment. Drawing inspiration from a group visit to the Bundeskunsthalle to view the exhibition, at the workshop, lampshades will be made out of old PET bottles. Old cassettes, LP records and other materials will be provided as well, out of which new, self-made designer pieces will be made that catch the eye even with the lights off. The workshop activities furthermore reduce waste and conserve resources.
All University staff and students are invited. No previous knowledge is necessary and you don’t need to bring your own materials. Art instructors will be on hand at the Bundeskunsthalle to assist you with the craft work.
When: February 21, 2024, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Where: Bundeskunsthalle, Helmut-Kohl-Allee 4, 53113 Bonn
To register go here.

© Canva/Leonie Kornel

Promotions for Valentine’s Day surprises

Looking for a gift for your “fairest of the fair”?

Here’s a sustainable idea for film lovers: as part of Fair February, you can win two tickets to the GreenScreen event, to be held at 6 pm at the Brotfabrik movie theater.
Keep your eyes open and follow the action on Instagram @nachhaltige_unibonn, so you won't miss out on this or any other promotions.

© Canva/Leonie Kornel

Banana bread baking

#WirgegenLebensmittelverschwendung #FairtradeUniversity

Got too many ripe bananas ... what to do with them all? “Wertvoll NRW” has a solution—a food salvage initiative of the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Advocacy Center, in the form of a fabulous banana bread recipe to be shared during the campaign month. Convenient to bake any time! You can also take a fun quiz to test your knowledge on the subjects of fair trade and food waste avoidance.
The recipe and quiz will be posted on the Instagram channel @nachhaltige_unibonn on February 6, 2024.

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What else is coming up in February ...

Fairer Februar 2023

A big thank-you to everyone who took part in the many thrilling events!

We look forward to telling you about many more events and activities in our next campaign month, Mighty May 2023!

Fairer Februar 2022

Collage Fairer Februar NEU.png
© Universität Bonn

There are many sides to sustainability. The Fairer Februar 2022 campaign saw a new round of fascinating initiatives organized with various partners. These highlighted how and where each of us can help foster a culture of sustainability at our University and in our daily lives.

  • Sustainability To Go! - Digital City Walks, Service Learning in cooperation with NEiS
  • Digital flea market
  • Contest to support biodiversity and protect the birds—make your own feeders and fat balls
  • Online “Kochtopf Alaaf!” cooking workshop from NEiS

Thank you for helping drive our efforts forward! We looking forward to even more campaigns and events together.

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