Campaign Month "Mighty May"

The University of Bonn invites all its members to take part in the many varied initiatives and events about sustainability as well as to come up with ideas for own campaigns.

Mighty May 2023

This year, once again, we invite you to take part in a stream of cool events about sustainability! We can’t wait to see you!

This year’s Fair Trade campaign week—May 3 to May 6

The University of Bonn has held the title of a Fairtrade University since November 2020. Fairtrade Germany has recertified the University of Bonn for a further two years. Let’s celebrate this success together!

Fair coffee, tea and chocolate have long been part of the University of Bonn. The selection of fair-trade food offered in Studierendenwerk canteens keeps growing and procurement processes across the University are becoming more conscious of fair-trade options. The University catering services also incorporate fairly traded products in its range of provision, whilst University courses on globalization deal with aspects of fair trade.

The decision to apply for the status of “Fairtrade University” goes back to the student-run Fairtrade Initiative that each semester organizes great events and activities.

Between May 3 and May 6, as part of Mighty May 2023, the University of Bonn therefore holds the Fair Trade campaign week, promising an exciting program.

Join in and support fair trade at your university via!

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© Fairtrade University Bonn

RhineCleanup regional cigarette butt cleanup event 2023—plogging for a good cause

Plogging combines collecting trash with jogging. In other words, you get the good feeling of making the world a bit of a better place while also doing something for your own health.

You only need to wear sporty clothes—we will be providing gloves and trash bags!

If you would like to become part of the team, please register for our new plogging University Sports activity.

On Wednesday, May 10, as part of Mighty May and RhineCleanup, the RhineCleanup regional cigarette butt cleanup event 2023 is taking place. On this day, between 7 and 8 pm, the focus during plogging will be solely on cigarette butts.

Meeting point: next to the canteen on the Hofgartenwiese, University Main Building Hofgartenwiese exit

Plan: following a short joint warm-up, we will be jogging at a comfortable pace towards and along the Rhine. We will drop off the collected trash at the University Main Building and will round off our session with a cooldown.

Everyone is very welcome to take part in this event (even without being registered for the actual plogging course)!

Further information on the RhineCleanup regional cigarette butt cleanup event 2023 is available on the RhineCleanup web page.

Rheinkippen Plogging_Aktion 2023.png
© Elena Hachem/RhineCleanup/Universität Bonn

Save the Date – Sustainability Day on May 11, 2023!

All members of the University are cordially invited to come along to the Poppelsdorf Campus between 12 noon and 6 pm on May 11.

During the day, key players in the sustainable transformation at the University will be introducing themselves and their work at a wide range of stalls with many exciting actions – and why not be part of it too?

If you are part of a group committed to sustainability at the University of Bonn and would like to get involved with the program, please email

You can find further information on the Sustainability Day web page.

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© Elena Hachem

Healthy Campus Bonn Week

Twice a year the University of Bonn organizes the Healthy Campus Bonn Week, promising a broad mix of activities and entertainment focused around health. From a food quiz to a “stress scale” to information on nutrition, sustainability and being active, HCBN Week has something to offer for everyone.

This year, the HCBN Week runs from May 8 to May 12.

A balanced Healthy Campus Bonn menu is being offered in all the canteens in partnership with the Institute of Nutritional and Food Science (IEL).

During this focus week, you can take part in various activities at the CAMPO-Mensa and win great prizes at a food quiz.

So do stop by and check out the fun things we have planned for you!

More information is available online at Healthy Campus Bonn Week.

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© Universität Bonn

GreenBonn Hackathon 2023

Upgrading public transport, expanding e-mobility, switching to renewable energy—our transformation into a sustainable society is encompassing key areas of our lives. But how are we to make it happen without enough skilled workers for the right climate jobs?

Become part of the solution and develop creative ideas for tackling these challenges at this year’s GreenBonn Hackathon from May 12 to 14. Stadtwerke Bonn, DIGITALHUB.DE, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Bonn’s enaCom Transfer Center aim to pool the widest possible range of approaches from different fields of expertise. The people behind the best ideas stand to win 3,000 euros and the opportunity to take their project further together with Stadtwerke Bonn.

The GreenBonn Hackathon is your platform for creating digital solutions drawing attention to and heightening awareness for climate professions and connecting regional companies with future talent and skilled labor in a simple matchmaking process.

Scope: we are looking for conceptual and visual solutions as well as technical innovations in the form of prototypes. During the practical phase we will support you with specific mini-workshops while our team of advisors is at hand to answer your questions. You will then briefly pitch your ideas to a jury.

The Green Bonn Hackathon is open to everyone interested in taking part.

Apply for the event by filling out the online form by April 23, telling us what motivates you to take part.

All information is available on the enaCom website.   

© enacom/ Uni Bonn

Diversity Days 2023

On the occasion of the German Diversity Day on May 23, 2023, the Vice Rectorate for Equal Opportunity and Diversity, together with the staff unit of the same name, is organising the second Diversity Days at the University of Bonn.

Below you will find the entire programme of this year's Diversity Days. You are cordially invited to all events. Interpretation into English is available for the panel discussion on May 23.

More information and details of how to sign up is available at this link.

UBO_22_05_Plakat Diversity Days.jpg
© Universität Bonn

More events taking place in May...

  • “Perspektiven der Moderne” Forum Internationale Wissenschaft lecture series

“Diversität in Bewegungen inklusiv übersetzen. Nur wie?”— lecture focusing on the question of how to achieve diversity in movements inclusively. When: 6 to 7:30 pm on May 10, 2023; where: Bonner Universitätsforum, Heussallee 18-24, 53113 Bonn.

Further information is available on Lehrveranstaltungen im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit (courses related to sustainability).

  • “Nach den Sternen greifen. Der Weltraum als Wirtschafts-, Lebens- und Wettbewerbsraum im 21. Jahrhundert”— lecture series looking at space as a zone for trading, living and competing in the 21st century

“Sustainable Space. Weltraumschrott als Umweltproblem.”—lecture focusing on sustainability in space. When: 6 to 8 pm on May 24; where: lecture hall VII, University of Bonn’s main building.

  • Vegan-vegetarian campaign month at the Mensa im Hofgarten

    Between May 2 and June 2 this year, the menu at the Mensa im Hofgarten revolves entirely around vegan and vegetarian options—from breakfast to dessert. The campaign month is embedded in a comprehensive strategy process the Studierendenwerk Bonn is gradually implementing, which aims to make canteens more sustainable. Further details are available on the Studierendenwerk Bonn website.

Mighty May 2022

Collage_Mighty May
© Universität Bonn

There are many sides to sustainability. In Mighty May 2022 , therefore, some exciting initiatives were once again organized with partners. These highlighted how and where each of us can help foster a culture of sustainability at our University and in our daily lives. The first Sustainability Day at the University of Bonn was the highlight of this campaign month!

  • Cycling to work/Cycling to university—The University of Bonn’s Healthy Campus team and University Sports invite staff and students to take part in the Germany-wide AOK initiative.
  • FARMERS fighting the global crisis—a special evening organized by Fairtrade University Bonn
  • First Sustainability Day at the University of Bonn
  • Healthy Campus-menu& hands-on activities organized by University Sports
  • Also happening in May: Public Climate School by Students for Future Bonn, Day for Biological Diversity, the Bonn Science Night with the mantra “Nach(haltig)geforscht” (“Sustainability Investigated”), Diversity Days of the University of Bonn, Humboldt-n Conference—„Spannungsfelder der Nachhaltigkeit“ (“Tensions in Sustainability”) and pilot project kick-off “CO2 Labels at the Hofgarten Mensa”

Thank you for helping drive our efforts forward! We looking forward to even more campaigns and events together.

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