Reusable no-deposit tableware made by Relevo—for more sustainability at campus cafeterias

In the 2022/23 winter semester, Studierendenwerk Bonn is rolling out a new app-based re-use system devised by Relevo in University of Bonn cafeterias.

How are pollution and climate change affecting our health – and healthcare costs?

The new Argelander Professor at the University of Bonn is economist Julia Mink, who is active in the Transdisciplinary Research Area entitled “Individuals, Institutions and Societies”, studying the societal costs of climate change.

Doing Twice as Much Good: Plogging Now Offered at the University

Plogging combines collecting trash with jogging. In other words, you get the good feeling of making the world a bit of a better place while also doing something for your own health.

How much plastic do soils contain?

Not only in the sea, but also in our soils there is "invisible" plastic - nanoplastics to be precise.

Where do the ingredients for your chocolate, smartphone and clothes come from?

The Department of Communications of the University asked Dr. Jorge Gonzales from the Center for Development Research about it.

Green Learning Workshop opened in the Botanic Gardens

It is set to run age-appropriate programs that will enable children to discover the diversity of plant life in a fun way and embark on their own research projects.

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