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Do you want to put your idea into operation and become self-employed? Whether you have a concrete idea for a start-up or you are completely new to the start-up and entrepreneurship scene, the Transfer Center is the right place to be. We help University of Bonn students, researchers, employees and alumni to turn their ideas into successful start-ups.

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Idea Check

From the first flash of inspiration, we help you to develop your idea and prepare for the next necessary steps. 

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Consulting and Coaching

We provide personal individualized consulting on the way to start a business, such as applying for funding.

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Start-Up Stories

Our start-up stories let you read about relevant and interesting areas in the start-up scene and inspiring stories of our founders.

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Our start-ups come from a variety of areas and range from newly funded projects to upcoming enterprises.

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Start-up Events

We offer qualification workshops and networking events for exchanging information with other founders.

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Our co-working spaces are places where knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship are lived and made practically possible.

Which services does the Transfer Center enaCom
offer to start-ups?



We provide easily understandable, fun-filled and relevant information about start-ups, both current affairs and sound background information.



We provide personal, individualized consulting. We support high-tech or social projects, and your idea will be handled strictly confidential. We speak both languages, the language of research and the language of business. Contact us for any important or less important questions you have about your start-up.



Our co-working space offers start-up teams the opportunity to exchange information among each other. And our extensive network in the start-up scene offers a wide range of support from Digital Hub Region Bonn AG, the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg Chamber of Industry and Commerce, City of Bonn and many other partners.


Our Funding

The University of Bonn will receive around €1.4 million in start-up financing over the next four years to expand and consolidate its services, consulting and networking. enaCom was one of the award winners in the EXIST “Raising Potential” competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

Funding lines and competitions

Check out our overview of important start-up competitions and funding opportunities. Here you will find information about application deadlines, competition's foci and eligibilities.

Fascination of the unknown: black holes and the limits of our knowledge

Black holes still pose many questions and inspire creativity in science, philosophy and literature. But interest is not only great among experts: More than 100 audience members came to the public discussion "Dialogue on Deck: Black Holes and the Limits of Space and Time," where experts from various disciplines explored the nature of space and time and the limits of our knowledge. The event took place on the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft as part of the Science Year 2023 "Our Universe" and was organized by a transdisciplinary team from the University of Bonn.

Postdoc Day 2023: When science meets politics

Scientifically sound knowledge is of increasing importance in answering the big questions of our time. But how does the transfer of knowledge between science and politics work? At the Postdoc Day of the University of Bonn with the title "Creating Impact! Contributions, Challenges and Limits of Science in Policy Advice" central questions around the interaction of science and policy were discussed, for which there are many prominent examples at the University of Bonn. It took place on June 21 at the Universitätsclub Bonn.

OSE meets industry: Comma Soft AG: 'Pay & Pray...'
Juridicum, Adenauerallee ...
06:00 PM
'Pay & Pray - How to Measure the Performance of Offline Marketing' (Dr. Andrej Fischer, Dr. Lukas Kießling, Dr. Daniel Lenz) Registration required via ...
OSE meets Industry: AXA Konzern AG
Juridicum, Adenauerallee ...
06:00 PM
'The Joy of Pricing - Creating Value from Data' (Dr. Felix Schrank, Dr. Heiko Wagner) Registration required via – first come, ...
OSE meets Industry: Deutsche Bank
Juridicum, Adenauerallee ...
06:00 PM
'Risk in Banking - Automated Decision-Making' (Martin Slowik) Registration required via – first come, first served! Restricted ...


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