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Transfer Center: enaCom



We invest in people. We foster networks. We create impact.

Transfer Center: enaCom

At the University of Bonn, we address the biggest challenges to create a better world. From sustainability to fundamental questions of life and health, research at the University of Bonn crosses disciplines in its six Clusters of Excellence and Transdisciplinary Research Areas, and illuminates new ideas. We focus on key scientific, technological, and societal challenges.






Communion visibly connects to all stakeholders.

Communication pools information on all topics and networks with all stakeholders inside and outside the university.

Commitment engages in all issues to foster knowledge transfer in all directions.

Companion stands for tailor made support and professional advisory services.

Commercialisation of ideas to file patents, form start-ups or establish co-creation with companies.

Make use of our expertise, knowledge, resources, facilities, research and partnerships. 

 Find out more about start-ups at the University of Bonn. 

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