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Your health is important to us! Working in collaboration with a range of cooperation partners, we provide a range of free-of-charge health-related information and services and organize events focusing on physical, mental and social health. Together, we consider the conditions of work and study at the University of Bonn and take steps to ensure a healthy environment.
Seeking to foster a culture of needs-driven continual improvement, we are dependent on your feedback and input to achieve our goal of a truly “Healthy Campus”.

Tell us what the problem is - University of Bonn staff are asked to submit feedback regarding the issue of healthy working practices, which the University incorporated in the development of targeted measures to ensure good, health-conscious working conditions.

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Focusing on Us

A detailed summary of the process and status of the survey is available here.

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Doctoral researchers at the University of Bonn are requested to take part in a stress management intervention study. The results of the study will be deployed to develop and run a long-term stress management seminar for doctoral researchers enrolled at the University of Bonn.

We have summarized all the important information about the study and the seminar here.

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We provide regular updates on Facebook 31and Instagram42 about mental health, exercise and healthy eating.

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Latest Updates

Target group: Students and employees

In the week of November 14th to 18th, 2022, the Healthy Campus Bonn Week will take place. In cooperation with the Insitute for Nutrition and Food Sciences (IEL), a balanced Healthy Campus Bonn menu is offered in all canteens of the University of Bonn.

In the CAMPO-Mensa, on Tuesday, November 15th and Wednesday, November 16th – from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – there will be various activities to participate, for example an analysis of the body composition, the Manual Mountain Bike Trainer, a nutrition quiz with great prizes, a fitness container and a quiz on sustainability at the University of Bonn.

It’s worth coming and participating!

Target Group: Students

The challenges you face as students in the 21st century are many. This often leads to stress, organizational problems or an imbalanced work-life balance. Especially stressful is the time of exam preparation. Here you have to deal with anxiety and work-intensive phases. In this workshop you will build up background knowledge and learn many proven methods that can help to keep the strands in hand and change the stress influences.

  • When? Friday, Dec. 09, 2022, 09:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Where? via Zoom

For more information about the course and the link to register, click here.

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Healthy Working Practices

Information for members of staff

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Healthy Study Practices

Information for students

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About us

Milestones of the Healthy Campus Bonn

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Networking and cooperation

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Academic publications

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Healthy Campus Bonn Team

Why a University Health Management Initiative?

Valuing Health

The Rectorate commissioned the Healthy Campus Bonn team to develop and implement a University health management strategy.

Strategy Goals

The strategy seeks to promote and strengthen the health skills of individual members of staff and establish healthy working and study structures.

Scientific Supervision

Scientific evaluation of our health-oriented strategy ensures continual quality assurance and its needs-driven adaptation and development.


A range of studies make a contribution to the academic literature in this area. The University health management strategy networks a number of partners and involves them in the development of the concept and process.

SmartBreak - short Break for more Energy

Tired? Tense? Knots in your head?
SmartBreak exercises help you recharge your energy, take a quick breath, and increase focus. On our website you will find more information, videos and exercises for simple application.

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