“Academic Orientation” Short Workshop

In our two-hour short workshop on “Academic Orientation,” participants explore various questions to help them decide what and where to study. Working in small groups, students and advisors at the University of Bonn get together to discuss possible orientation activities that can help them make structured academic choices. Aside from exchanging helpful information, the workshop also includes conversations that encourage participants to reflect on their own abilities, interests and aspirations.

What to expect:
After a brief round of introductions, we will work on various tasks that encourage reflection on your own abilities and interests, alternating between individual activities and group work. Furthermore, the academic offerings of the University of Bonn can serve as an example of how to research information and how to identify the factors that should be considered when looking at an academic discipline.

Registration and target group

Target group: high school students in their final years

Contact information

Avatar Habermann

Ina Habermann

+49 228 73-7019

Avatar Herrmann

Kathrin Herrmann

+49 228 73-7206

Avatar Ruwoldt

Dr. Lena Ruwoldt

+49 228 73-7085

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