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Current note

This coaching is currently not offered. Intensive workshops and coaching sessions on the topics of "exam preparation" and "exam anxiety/stress" can be found in the current semester program of the workshop series "RessourcenStark durch's Studium".

“Mastering Examinations Successfully” Coaching

This coaching helps you to deal with exam stress and anxiety as well as other taxing exam situations and to devise and practice individual coping strategies and approaches to finding a solution.

Registration and target group

Target group

Students of the University of Bonn


You will need to have a preliminary meeting to prepare for the coaching before you can register. Please arrange an appointment per email.

Questions about the coaching

First make an appointment for a preliminary meeting to prepare for the coaching by emailing

Here, you will take stock of and reflect on your current situation, including the thought and behavior patterns you have followed up until now, and will clarify your goals. Using this as a basis, you will then devise your own personal strategies for changing your situation and gearing yourself up for upcoming exams.

During this preliminary meeting, therefore, you will decide whether to sign up for the group coaching. The coaching is free of charge, and spaces are limited.
Participants are expected to make an active contribution, be willing to share their experiences and have specific examinations that they are preparing for.
You will receive a detailed email telling you what will happen at the coaching before it starts.

The small-group coaching will be held on several set dates during the term and will help you to implement consistently the strategies that were devised during the preliminary meetings for your upcoming exams. You will thus be able to try them out in practice and evaluate and develop them further in light of your experiences.
A follow-up meeting will be held at the end of the semester in order to assess your experiences overall, reinforce tried-and-tested strategies and enable them to be practiced over the long term.

Coaching sessions usually begin in May or November respectively during each semester.
You can find the latest dates on this website.

Contact information

Avatar Kerp

Dipl.-Psych. Claudia Kerp

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