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Workshop Series „RessourcenStark durch's Studium“

Learning Strategies and More

First-semester students in particular often find that learning at school and learning at university are two very different matters. In your final years of high school, you were told what to learn and possibly experienced guided learning settings. Learning at university, by contrast, requires a high degree of independence and self-organization. The workshop introduces participants to different learning methods and helps them develop individual strategies for different situations of learning.

What to expect:
In active group work, you will become familiar with various learning techniques such as mind mapping, the method of loci, reading techniques, etc. The second session in particular will be devoted to sharing experiences with regard to experimenting with and applying what you have learned in your daily study routines.

Registration and target groups

Target groups
New students (with priority given to those in their first program-related semester)

In German language

Insights: the method of loci

The method of loci (from the Latin “locus”, meaning “place”) is a learning method and association technique that uses mnemonics. It is easy to learn and is used by almost all competitors in memory sport. This method can also be used to learn extensive amounts of material as images imprint themselves on the memory more readily than mere information such as text or figures; it also benefits from how the human brain works by association.
(Source: translated from; 2021)

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