I Am Worth It! Improving Your Self-Esteem

Are you familiar with self-doubts and insecurities? Are you often self-critical? Are your high expectations of yourself setting you up for unhappiness? When comparing yourself to others, do you often think of yourself as inferior?

If you feel that these or similar patterns of thinking and behavior are holding you back in your (student) life and if you have the sense that you are keeping yourself from achieving your goals, this two-part workshop might be just the thing for you.

Registration and target group

Target group
Students and doctoral students

Improve your self-esteem by silencing your “inner critic” and by developing a benevolent attitude toward yourself. This workshop will provide you with input and suggestions on filling your “self-esteem treasure chest.” By engaging in an honest dialogue with other participants, you will learn about growing your self-esteem, the causes and effects of self-esteem problems and strategies to boost your feeling of self-esteem. In between the sessions, you will also be able to put the methods you will have learned into practice in your day-to-day life and share your experiences with other participants over the course of the workshop. This will enable people to spot any difficulties they are having with implementing their strategies and come up with potential solutions.

Questions about the event

The workshop is held every semester and consists of three sessions that build on one another. You can find the latest dates in the date section above these questions.

You will need to sign up in advance because spaces at the “I Am Worth It! Improving Your Self-Esteem” workshop are limited to twelve participants. You will be required to make an active contribution and take part in all three sessions in order to register for the workshop. Participation is free. Please use our registration form.

Contact information

Avatar Neufeldt-Homolka, M.Sc. (PiA)

Laura Neufeldt-Homolka, M.Sc. (PiA)

+49 228 73-7080 (Office)

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