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Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems



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UBo_18_92_Broschüre Antrag Exzellenzuniversität_Icon Modelling.jpgAn important challenge, and one focus of research in Bonn, is to understand how complex systems, with many components that interact with each other, actually work. It is a challenge that arises in numerous areas of science and technology.

At the core of this Transdisciplinary Research Area is mathematics, which provides a universal tool and language for all quantitative sciences. Mathematics evolves by exploration and curiosity about its inherent structures and by new questions arising in science and technology. The University of Bonn has a traditional strength in mathematics. Its four mathematic institutes cover all areas, from the foundations in pure mathematics to applied mathematics, numerical simulation and discrete mathematics. The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics with its integrated graduate school is the only cluster of excellence for mathematics in Germany and has propelled the University of Bonn to the top of mathematical research worldwide. The exceptional standing of mathematics in Bonn is demonstrated by high level awards that have been received by its faculty, which include two Fields Medals and 7 Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz Awards, among them the youngest winner of this award ever. In the GlobalMathNetwork, Bonn has teamed up with top international research institutes for mathematics.

Fields Medal 2018 for Professor Dr. Peter Scholze. Prof. Dr. Michael Rapoports Congratulations.

The creation of models is at the heart of many quantitative sciences. Nowadays, computers are able to use increasingly huge sets of data to create models that have good predictive qualities. But these models are simple compared to the models scientists create using classical observational methods, data simulation and human brain power. In order to address these complex data systems, scientists from a broad range of disciplines in Bonn formulate mathematical models that describe them and devise tools to analyze their behavior.

In this context, the central challenge for computer science lies in improving data-driven methods for the creation of intelligent models of complex systems. Combining such data-driven models with classical mathematical modelling will drive progress in computation.

Introducing the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

The Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (HCM) is a Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bonn, funded by the German Research Foundation within the framework of the Excellence Initiative. It is the only excellence cluster for mathematics in Germany. At HCM, German and international scientists conduct research on numerous mathematical problems and their applications. HCM applies the highest international standards in training junior scientists and actively fosters early independence of young mathematicians.

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