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TRA Leben und Gesundheit rekrutiert
Hertz Chair (W3) for Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience

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Life and Health – Transdisciplinary Research Area (TRA) University of Bonn

Life exists in complex structures, from the smallest molecules that interact with each other to the interplay of various organisms in ecological systems. Understanding the complexity of life is therefore one of the most fascinating research topics. If researchers decipher the mechanisms underlying life, this will provide the basis for a better understanding of diseases and the development of new therapies. In a lively research environment and together with the Cluster of Excellence "Immunosensation2", the Transdisciplinary Research Area "Life and Health" of the University of Bonn focuses on comprehending life - from the level of the tiniest particles to the interaction of complex systems with the environment. One of the main objectives is the development of new strategies to improve and maintain health.

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Bonn Organoid Club


The Bonn Organoid Club is a forum for biomedical researchers to share expertise and reagents for organoid models. The organizer of the Bonn Organoid Club is Florian I. Schmidt of the Institute for Innate Immunity and the “Life and Health” Transdisciplinary Research Area (TRA).


Next seminar (online):

 13.04.2021           Sonia Leonardelli and Susanna Ng (Institute of Experimental Oncology, Hölzel lab): "Establishing a patient-derived organoid platform"


Dr. Meike Brömer

Dr. Meike Brömer 
TRA Manager 
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Division 7 – Research and Innovation
Phone 0151-16933013

Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck

Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck
TRA Speaker
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Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus,
TRA Speaker
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Life and Medical Sciences-Institut (LIMES)

Sarah May
TRA Team Assistant

Phone 0228-73-2477


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