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UBo_18_92_Broschüre Antrag Exzellenzuniversität_Icon Life.jpgGood health is unquestionably a valuable asset. We wish it for others and for ourselves. However, staying healthy forever is not possible. Complex systems interact with each other and influence one another. Researchers in the Transdisciplinary Research Area Life & Health want to explore these systems and their interactions, from a simple cell to complex ecosystems. The aim is to develop strategies and therapies that strengthen health and fight diseases.

Researchers in Bonn focus on two systems: the nervous and the immune system. How do they work and why do they fail? How and why do they interact with other systems and the environment? In order to answer these questions, scientists from the areas of medicine, biology, computer sciences, pharmacy, and chemistry all work together. On the journey from laboratory to hospital bed, respective subject areas incorporate their findings in close collaboration. The next generation of researchers also benefit from this interdisciplinary research by gaining insight into other subject areas relevant for their fields.

Up to now, success in the Transdisciplinary Research Areas Life & Health has been considerable. The  Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2, established since 2012, and the many spin-offs testify its quality. For example, Rigontec, who aim to consolidate knowledge about the immune system and use it for cancer therapy or LIFE & BRAIN GmbH, who work in close collaboration with industry and commerce to ensure that innovative research results are developed early on into marketable products and services.


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Research Projects

EXC 2151 - ImmunoSensation2: The Immune Sensory System

TRR 57 - Organ Fibrosis: From Mechanisms of Injury to Modulation of Disease

TRR 83 - Molecular Architecture and Cellular Functions of Lipid/Protein Assemblies

TRR 237 - Nucleid Acid Immunity

TRR 259 - Aortic Disease

TRR 261 - Cellular Mechanisms of Antibiotic Action and Production

SFB 1089 - Synaptic Micronetworks in Health and Disease

GRK 1873 - Pharmacology of 7TM-Receptors and Downstream Signalling Pathways

GRK 2168 - Myeloid antigen presenting cells and the induction of adaptive immunity

FOR 2372 - G Protein Signalling Cascades: with new modular probes and modulators towards novel pharmacological concepts

FOR 2743 - Mechanical Stress Protection

BMBF: German Center for Infection Research (DZIF)

BMBF: Diet-Body-Brain - From Epidemiology to Evidence-based Communication (Kompetenzcluster Ernährungsforschung)

BMBF: IntegraMent - Integrated Understanding of Causes and Mechanisms in Mental Disorders

BMBF: TAKeOFF - Netzwerk zur Überwindung der Schwierigkeiten bei der Bekämpfung von Filariose

EU: ENERI - European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity

EU: MACUSTAR - "Intermediate AMD: Development of novel clinical endpoints for clinical trials in patients with a regulatory and patient access intention"



5 Leibniz Prizes:
Prof. Dr. Eicke Latz (2018)
Prof. Dr. Frank Bradke (2016, on leave at DZNE)
Prof. Dr. Gunther Hartmann (2012)
Prof. Dr. Christian Kurts (2012)
Prof. Dr. Michael Famulok (2002)

2 ERC Starting Grants:
Dr. Bernardo Franklin, Dr. Katrin Paeschke

2 ERC Consolidator Grants:
Prof. Dr. Eicke Latz, Prof. Dr. Günter Mayer


BCE - Bonn Center of Neuroscience

caeser - Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (associated with the Max Planck Society)

DZNE - German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases 

Institute of Experimental Immunology

Institute of Innate Immunity

Institute of Nutritional and Food Sciences

LIMES - Life & Medical Sciences Institute

Universitätsklinikum Bonn

Pharma-Zentrum Bonn


Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck
Institute of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research
Life and Brain Center
University of Bonn Medical Center

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Kolanus
Life and Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
Molecular Immunology and Cell Biology

Dr. Meike Brömer
TRA Manager
Division 7 Research and Support Management
Section 7.1 Research Support

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