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Shortcut Awards

Shortcut Awards


Many funding bodies grant awards for outstanding scientific achievements to scientists at all carrer stages. For some awards scientists can apply on their own for others a nomination by other scientists is compulsory.


Kästchen Doktorhut


Awards for Doctoral students and Postdocs are availabe on the Portal for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers:


Kästchen EU


The EU does not grant research awards.                                       


Kästchen DFG


Information will follow shortly.                                              


Kästchen BMBF


The BMBF as well as the other federal ministries do not grant research awards.                                                     


Kästchen MIWF


The MIWF has an anual call for the "Innovationspreis" (information in German only).                                


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The website "Awards" gives an overview of awards clustered by research fields.


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Awards are also granted by some of the "Further funding bodies". 


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