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Heisenberg Programme

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Those who fulfil all the requirements for tenured professorships may apply for the DFG’s Heisenberg Programme. If you’re preparing for a future scientific leadership position and looking to boost your scientific reputation, we’ll help you to continue performing top-class research at a location of your choice. (source: DFG)


DFG information and documents:

Heisenberg programme - specific procedures at Bonn University:

  • Advising before and during the application process: division 7.1
  • Application requires the standard DFG procedure: send application directly to DFG (elan)
  • Information about application to Liason Officer required

Four types of funding are available within the Heisenberg Programme:

  • Heisenberg position
  • Heisenberg temporary substitute position for clinicians
  • Heisenberg professorship
  • Heisenberg fellowship
Once you have been accepted to the Heisenberg Programme, you can select between the four funding types or combine them during the five-year funding period.

Current funding:

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