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Events and Opportunities


Stay up to date with events and opportunities from the Argelander Competence Center. In addition to the calendar below, we encourage you to explore upcoming workshops and funding opportunities. 

We also encourage you to follow our Facebook page, and to sign up for the BGC’s quarterly newsletter, where we announce new training opportunities, funding and other events within the Argelander Program. 

We also welcome you to fill out our form for suggestions on future workshops.

Upcoming Events

November 19, Docotrate Plus Workshop "Presenting Science"
 Novemeber 20, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Finanzen und Philosophie"
November 21 & 22, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Resilienz-Training zur Karriere-Unterstützung"
November 21 & 22, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Zum Ende Kommen"
November 22, Docotrate Plus Workshop "Lehrperson - Persönlichkeit: Rollen(selbst)verständnis und Selbsmanagement"
November 25, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Selbstständigkeit als Karriereoption für Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlerinnen"
November 26, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Applying for Jobs in Germany"
November 27 & 28, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Souverän Vortragen und Präsentieren"
November 28, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Writing Grant Proposals"
November 29, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Visualisieren in der Lehre"
November 29, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Publishing Research Articles"
December 03, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Business Etikette"
December 05, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Qualifizierung und Team-Management als Führungskompetenz"
December 06, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Will ich promovieren?"
December 06, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Career Planning and strategic Networking"
December 06 & 07, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Präsentationstraining"
December 16 & 17, Doctorate Plus Workshop "Self Marketing & Assessement Center"


dated November 15: 7th Career Day of the Career Center of the University of Bonn
dated November 15: Lecture Series on Methods and Tools of digital Humanities
dated November 15: BioBusiness Summer School 2020
dated October 21: Workshop Young Entrepreneurs in Science
dated October 18: d-fine Day
dated October 18: The 4th Australian-German Networking Research Symposium
dated October 18: The Anton-Betz-Stiftung is calling for a competition between Scientists
dated October 18: Do not miss the event Next Stop: Job
dated September 10: The Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf organizes an Autumn School on science communication 


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