Starter-Kit Grant


As part of the Argelander Program for Early-Career Researchers, the University of Bonn awards Starter-Kit Grants to qualify postdoctoral researchers to support their project costs for a period of one to two years, during the transition between earning their doctorate and the start of their scientific careers.

Generally, projects should be conducted at the University of Bonn, although exceptions may be made for postdoctoral researchers who previously graduated from the University of Bonn and convincingly demonstrate that a change of location is of great importance to their research and career development.

Do I Qualify?

To apply for a Starter-Kit Grant, you must:

  • Have completed your doctorate within the last two years*
  • Be employed by the University of Bonn as a postdoctoral researcher
  • Have no current third-party funding
  • Not be a member of the Faculty of Medicine**

* Exceptions may be made for family responsibilities, parental leave, illness. etc. Please explain any interruptions in your application.

** Postdoctoral researchers in medicine are funded by the BONFOR Program [website in German]

What Does the Grant Include?

Costs incurred through research activities for a period of one to two years. Depending on requirements, a total of €10,000 to €25,000 may be awarded to cover:

The maximum two-year funding also includes a comprehensive consultation program in preparation of a third-party funding proposal and a scientific career. The program offers:

  • Consultation appointment at beginning of funding phase
  • “My first proposal” workshop
  • Consultation appointment on proposal during last third of funding phase
  • Final examination of completed proposal
  • Optional individual coaching by the University’s Human Resource Development team 

Grants will be disbursed to the account of the institute at which the postdoc is employed.

What Are the Selection Criteria?

  • Importance of funding to your scientific career
  • Potential of research in terms of prospective third-party applications
  • Your CV
  • Potential impact on the research profile of the University of Bonn

How Do I Apply?

You may apply online by September 10, 2019. The application should include:

  • Letter of motivation: Include the organization through which you plan to propose third-party funding and outline your career goals. (one to two pages)
  • Budget plan: Include proposed material resources and the schedule for your research project, including justification of the requested amount. (up to one page)
  • Scientific outline: Describe your research project, including its application to the University’s key profile areas. (three to five pages)
  • Employment contract: Alternatively, applicants may provide binding commitment to extend employment.
  • Academic CV


Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Argelander Starter-Kit Grants:

Clara Kaminsky
Bonn Graduate Center
+49 (0228) 73 60140
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