International Conference Grant


To support your research and help you develop an international scientific network, the University of Bonn’s Argelander Program for Early-Career Researchers provides International Conference Grants to fund your fees, travel and accommodations at conferences, workshops and summer schools.

Do I Qualify?

To apply for an International Conference Grant, you must:

  • Be employed by the University of Bonn as a postdoctoral researcher
  • Have no third-party funds for research trips
  • Not be a member of the Faculty of Medicine (postdoctoral researchers in medicine are funded by the BONFOR Program [website in German])

What Does the Grant Include?

Argelander International Conference Grants cover:

  • Conference fees
  • Accommodation allowance according to DAAD standards (up to five days, depending on duration of conference)
  • Travel allowance according to DAAD standards

Funding amounts are determined according to destination country, not actual costs.

What Are the Selection Criteria?

A committee of scientific representatives from all participating faculties will examine your application and award funding based on the following criteria:

  • Your conference contribution
  • Relevance to your academic networking and career development
  • Your academic CV
  • Please note, successful grantees are welcome to reapply but preference will be given to new applicants

How Do I Apply?

The application should include:

  • Short explanation of the conference’s relevance in your field
  • Outline of your contribution
  • Description of your participation’s relevance to your personal networking and career planning
  • Academic CV
  • Feedback on your contribution from the conference’s organizer or reviewer (if available)
  • Confirmation from the conference organizer (can be submitted after application)

Due to the corona-pandemic our mobilty grants are currently suspended.

Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Argelander International Conference Grants:

Clara Kaminsky
Bonn Graduate Center
+49 (0228) 73 60140
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