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The Healthy Campus Bonn team implements the University health management strategy, working together with a range of University stakeholders to produce conditions conducive to healthy studying, researching, teaching and working practices.

Collaboration for a healthy campus

The Rectorate commissioned the Healthy Campus Bonn team to develop and implement a University health management strategy. All the relevant internal experts and stakeholders are networked within a participative approach and involved in the development of the strategy concept and process. Two Healthy Campus Bonn steering groups were set up to focus on the different needs of staff and students; scientific and external cooperations add further expertise.

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The Healthy Campus Bonn initiative is dedicated to the sustainable promotion of individual health skills amongst all University members, and the provision of support to wider efforts to establish an efficient learning and working environment across the University. To this end, it works towards the establishment and extension of structures and conditions which support the health and well-being of staff and students alike. The team also seeks to anchor good health as a value in the institutional culture of the University of Bonn.

Scientific supervision

An essential feature of the University health management strategy is the scientific evaluation of its measures to ensure continual quality assurance and its needs-driven adaptation and development. A number of independent studies are also conducted within the scope of the strategy, the outcome of which represent a contribution to the literature of this area.

The Development of the Healthy Campus Bonn initiative and milestones in the university health management strategy

  • Planned curricular inclusion of health-related modules for students focusing on: “Health skills for a study and work context”
  • Continuation of the Employee Survey:
    - Development of measures and start of the rollout in the USL
    - Extension of the survey to the entire University in four waves
  • Start of the Employee Survey
    – Rollout of the survey in the USL
    – Presentation of the results from the USL
  • Start, conception and development of the curricular inclusion of health-related modules for students with a focus on: “Health skills for a study and work context”
  • Start of a stress management seminar tailored specifically to the needs of doctoral students, including a scientific evaluation
  • Employee Survey
    – Planning and conception of the employee survey
    – Development of a communications strategy
    – Selection of the pilot area (USL) for the employee survey
  • A Cooperation Agreement with Techniker Krankenkasse relating to a University Health Management Strategy
    The University of Bonn and Techniker Krankenkasse have started a three-year joint University health management project, aiming to strengthen the individual health skills of University members to facilitate long-term successful learning, teaching and working.
    Learn more here (German web page)
  • Inclusion of TK Mental Strategies for Students in the Curriculum of the Faculty of Agriculture
    The Student Health Management seminar with the title “Student health management - how does that work?”, organized jointly by the University of Bonn, the Landesvereinigung für Gesundheit & Akademie für Sozialmedizin Niedersachsen e. V., the bundesweiter Arbeitskreis Gesundheitsfördernde Hochschulen (AGH) and Techniker Krankenkasse, was held in the Bonn University Club on June 21, 2018.
    The some 90 participants included health managers, representatives from university sports organizations, students and experts from a range of universities, universities of applied science and student representative bodies from across Germany.
    The event program included lectures focusing on the development of student health management concepts and the establishment and implementation of structures, analyses, measures and evaluations conducted within the framework of a student health management strategy. A range of experts from various universities presented and discussed the first successfully-implemented elements of such strategies such as the student break time express and student health management strategies.
  • Establishment of the Healthy Campus Bonn steering group for students and staff as commissioned by the Rectorate
  • Healthy Campus Bonn Conference

  • Establishment of the Healthy Campus Bonn Team
    Extension and implementation of a holistic University health management strategy addressing all University target groups: research, administration and technical staff, professors and students.
  • Scientific Supervision of the Employee Walking Competition
    2013 saw the organization of a 60-day walking competition by Healthy Campus Bonn, which sought to raise awareness amongst University employees of the need to keep fit and active. A summary outlines the most important physical and mental impacts of the initiative on its 49 participants.
    Summary for Download (German)
  • Inclusion of the Healthy Campus student health initiative
  • Collaboration with German Sport University Cologne
  • Establishment of the Healthy Campus Student Health Initiative
    Healthy Campus for Students was developed in 2011 by the University of Bonn and German Sport University Cologne. A healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and regular exercise is universally accepted as the fundamental requirement for physical and mental health, from childhood into old age. Contrary to general expectation, many university students and staff exhibit unfavorable lifestyle characteristics. Studies show that students in particular exhibit considerable scope for improvement in terms of exercise and diet, and suffer from a variety of psychovegetative and orthopedic complaints.  The considerable time spent by students at university during a formative period in their life makes their university years key to the development of health skills. Universities have considerable scope to deploy a range of targeted health-related services provided within their existing infrastructure to achieve a lasting and positive impact. The University of Bonn Healthy Campus initiative has developed a range of measures to exploit this potential. Experts from various disciplines (including medicine, sports science, nutrition and psychology) have assembled a range of provision to be deployed within the Healthy Campus Bonn initiative that should enable students and staff to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and enable them to develop lasting health skills.
    In addition to a variety of measures designed to promote and strengthen the individual health skills of students and employees at the University of Bonn, Healthy Campus Bonn also conducts a number of scientifically-supervised projects.  Working on the basis of many years of research, the primary goal of the research-based initiative is to raise health awareness and promote exercise-rich lifestyles. In so doing, it hopes to anchor health as a value in the wider University culture, thereby fostering a culture of lifelong individual responsibility for health amongst its members.  This approach requires continuous quality control and scientific evaluation of the measures and offers provided and implemented within the scope of the strategy. In this way, the University of Bonn hopes to raise its profile as the “Healthy Campus Bonn” and thus make it an even more attractive location at which to study and work. We are currently seeking to recruit further cooperation partners amongst statutory health insurance companies, healthcare providers and a range of regional businesses.
  • Introduction of a workplace health promotion scheme at the University of Bonn


The Healthy Campus Bonn team seeks to ensure that all students and employees of the University of Bonn can work and study in a healthy atmosphere.
To this end, we work together with a range of experts:

Staff Physicians Office

Cooperation in the flu vaccine program for members of staff

Bonn Graduate Center

Cooperation in the Stress management seminar for doctoral researchers

University Sports

Cooperation in the Break time express for members of staff, Studi-PX, University Sports and in the Healthy Campus Bonn Weekbei der Healthy Campus Bonn Woche

Institute of Nutritional and Food Science, Nutritional Psychology Section

Cooperation in the Healthy Campus Bonn Week

Department of Psychology, Development & Pedagogic Psychology Section

Cooperation in the area of services for over-50s and Master’s theses

Faculty of Agriculture

Cooperation in “Mental strategies - study without stress”


Cooperation in organizing the Healthy Campus Bonn Week

Techniker Krankenkasse

Cooperation in the University Health Management Strategy

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