Bachelor of Arts
German-Italian Studies

German-Italian Studies

The profile of the international degree program German-Italian Studies/Studi Italo-Tedeschi at the Universities of Bonn and Florence (Università degli Studi di Firenze) is the result of a binational approach to cultural studies in Germany and Italy. It focuses on two main subjects, Italian Studies and German Language and Literature, each covering aspects in the areas of linguistics, literature, culture and media. The program addresses both the cultural and literary histories of Germany and Italy up to the present and also investigates the historical development and current structures of the two languages per se. As electives, students may also choose modules from politics/sociology as well as art history.

In the bachelor’s degree program students spend at least two semesters in Italy; in the master’s degree program they spend at least one semester there. Students must also complete an internship that is related to Italy. Students who successfully complete the degree program are awarded a double degree (Bachelor of Arts/Laurea Triennale or Master of Arts/Laurea Magistrale respectively).


Possible lines of work:

Cultural and research management, journalism/media industry, communications industry (advertising, PR, translating), book industry (publishers, libraries, booksellers), German-Italian cultural and economic relations, international organizations and authorities, teaching at a German public school, academia (teaching/research at universities, educational institutions, etc.)

Open admission
Bachelor of Arts
6 Semester
Winter semester
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