Bachelor of Arts
German-French Studies

German-French Studies

The degree program German-French Studies (GFS)/Etudes franco-allemandes (EFA) offers students a binational double degree. The program focuses on interculturality and European expertise, and serves to strengthen German-French relations. The program is composed of the two main subjects French Studies and German Language and Literature, which are studied in parallel and to the same extent. Both in French Studies and German Language and Literature, students acquire knowledge of culture, literature and linguistics. In addition to the historical development of both languages and their significance today, students study the histories of the two countries and the literatures of the two language areas. Students also acquire in-depth knowledge about the cultural transfer between France and Germany both historically and in the present day.

The program also deepens students’ practical French language skills as well as their understanding of comparative aspects between German and French. In cooperation with the University of Paris (Sorbonne Université), students spend two semesters abroad. The universities have harmonized contents for this degree program, ensuring a seamless flow for its participants. Students must also complete an internship that is related to France.

To be accepted to this program students are required to pass an aptitude test.

Possible lines of work:

Cultural/research management, German-French cultural/economic relations, journalism, public relations, media/communications industry (advertising, PR, translation), book industry (publishers, libraries, booksellers), adult education, international organizations/public authorities, tourism, academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

Open admission
Bachelor of Arts
6 Semester
Winter semester
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