Becoming a Student


Your first port of call at the start of your degree program is the Student Registry, because this is where you get enrolled. If you have applied for a degree program with restricted admission and been given a place, your letter of admission will tell you your enrollment deadline. Although degree programs without admission restrictions (exept Master Courses) do not require applications to be submitted in advance, you will need to enroll online beforehand. Students who have already enrolled at the University of Bonn will find information on changing degree programs on the web page "Switching to Another Subject or Degree Program".

Your steps to starting your studies


Undergraduate degree programs with restricted admission

Once you have received an offer of admission, you can either accept or decline it. If you accept your offer, you will receive your letter of admission shortly afterward. You will then go through the online enrollment process and upload the documents required for enrollment within your enrollment period in the upload area.


Undergraduate degree programs without admission restrictions

You do not have to apply in advance for programs without admission restrictions as they will have enough places available. All you need to do is register, complete the online enrollment process and upload the required documents in the upload area within the enrollment period.

Important: International applicants with a university entrance qualification from a non-EU/EEA country will also need to submit an application for degree programs without admission restrictions.



Once you have been admitted to a Master´s degree program you can enroll. Enrollment procedure and the deadlines will be specified in your letter of admission.


Doctoral studies

Once you have your confirmation of admission to doctoral studies, you will go through the online enrollment process  and upload the documents required for enrollment in the upload area within the enrollment period.

Enrollment deadlines

The deadlines for degree programs with restricted admission must be met at all costs because you will lose your entitlement to a place if you do not enroll in time.

Address of the Student Registry

Universität Bonn
Abt. 9.3 - Studierendensekretariat 
53012 Bonn, Germany

Alternative for courier services:

Universität Bonn
Abt. 9.3 – Studierendensekretariat
Am Hof 1
53113 Bonn, Germany

Important Note:

In order to avoid costs at the German customs, please send the documents by "Envelope", that means as ordinary or registered mail and indicate a value of goods of 0,00 Euro and as content "Documents". Please note that the University of Bonn will not cover any costs should they be charged during customs clearance. In this case your mail will be returned to you.

Documents required

For the enrollment, please have the following documents ready to upload in the upload area:

  • Declaration of enrollment, please do not forget to sign it! (You will find the declaration in the application portal)
  • letter of admission for degree programs
  • Identification document (identity card, passport)
  • University entrance qualification
  • Electronic notification from the statutory health insurance company about your insurance status (you can find more detailed explanations under Insurance for students/health insurance)
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We will also require documents in the case of...

Certificate of deregistration from the last German university: : This certificate must indicate which degree programs you were last enrolled for, which program-related semester you are currently in and whether you have already had any semesters on leave.

A university degree certificate (e.g. a bachelor’s diploma or transcript) does not replace the certificate of deregistration.

You can only enroll for higher program-related semesters without admission requirements if you submit a credit transfer notification to the examination authority responsible for you at the University of Bonn when you enroll.

Decision on assessing your university entrance qualification if you have completed vocational training7.

  • Your letter of admission for the relevant master’s degree program
  • Your bachelor’s certificate and transcript of records (for international students), if this is already available.
  • Do not forget your certificate of deregistration (see the section on changing university)!
  • Confirmation of admission to doctoral studies confirming that the admission requirements for writing a doctoral thesis at the University of Bonn have been met. This has to be signed by the dean responsible.  There are different confirmations of admission to doctoral studies for doctorates that are to be based on German or non-German university degrees.
  • Your bachelor’s and master’s certificate and transcript of records
  • Proof of deregistration from your last university (see the section on changing university)!
  • certificate of recognition* from the regional administration

  • Foreign educational qualifications

  •  the language examination certificate (DSH) or equivalent language certificate

    *German nationals who obtained their university entrance qualification in another country must have their foreign credentials recognized before applying or enrolling. This recognition determines whether they are entitled to study at a German university and, if so, in which degree programs.

    If you would like to apply for recognition of your foreign qualification documents that will be valid throughout Germany and you live in NRW, or if your sole place of residence is outside Germany and you would like to study in NRW, please contact the Düsseldorf Regional Administration, Am Bonneshof 35, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany, Phone: +49 211 475-0.

    This Germany-wide recognition means that you will be able to change university within the Federal Republic of Germany at any time without having to apply for recognition at another university all over again.

    Alternatively, you can also contact your chosen university directly if you are looking to begin university studies in NRW. In this case, the university in question will check and accredit your foreign qualification documents for the purposes of your admission. If you change university, however, you will usually need to apply for recognition all over again.

  • university entrance qualification; if this is not already in English or French, corresponding  translations must be submitted.
  • language certificate (DSH) or equivalent language certificate.
  • Every student at the University of Bonn can attend courses organized by other departments from all faculties in addition to their own degree program provided that there is sufficient capacity in the chosen course. Attending lectures is usually not a problem.
  • In the case of tutorials, seminars, practical courses and entire modules on multi-step degree programs, however, the course organizer can stipulate admission criteria and give preference to students pursuing the course in question if participant numbers are limited. For example, this means that you will usually not be able to take part in lab courses in a subject with restricted admission if you are not enrolled for this subject. Likewise, participation in module examinations will generally only be possible to a limited extent.
  • If you would like to take examinations for another degree program, therefore, you should also enroll for the relevant subjects. However, you should bear in mind that you will usually not be allowed to enroll for two degree programs with restricted admission at the same time.

After enrollment

The enrollment is successfully completed when the Student Registry has received and checked all the necessary documents, the semester fee and the electronic notification of a statutory health insurance.


Student ID

The student ID number that you have already received during online enrollment will remain the same throughout your studies at the University of Bonn. You should always include it in any inquiries, written correspondence, change of address notices, etc.



After you are enrolled, the Uni-ID will be made available to you in your applicant account. For any e-mail correspondence with the University of Bonn, please use your student e-mail address only.


Student ID and student transit passes

The digital student ID Card will be available in the new Uni Bonn App. Further information can be found at Uni Bonn App. Regular students who are unable or unwilling to use the Uni Bonn App can verify their student status with a certificate of enrolment.




Certificates of enrollment

Certificates of enrollment (e.g. for the BAföG office) and other certificates are available from the Student Service Center.


Enrollment complete!

Once the Uni-ID has been issued, the enrollment is completed. As soon as the semester following your enrollment starts, you will be a student at the University of Bonn, with all the rights and obligations that this entails.

Starting your studies

Starting university is a personal and unique experience – a new chapter in life that’s exciting, opening up myriad new opportunities in parallel. Embarking on your studies marks a new phase of your life that will be different to your usual ways of living and working in many respects. We want to help you get ready for the transition to university studies in a positive and systematic way and make sure you independently co-shape your start into your studies.

§ Legal details §

If you still have any questions about legal details of the enrollment process, you may well find the answers in the Enrollment Regulations.

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