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TRA incubator grant 2024: Modelling for Sustainable Futures

The University of Bonn Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) “Modelling” and “Sustainable Futures” aim to support highly innovative, cross-disciplinary research projects addressing new and relevant questions at the interface between Modelling in Mathematics or Computer Sciences and Sustainability Research.

Funding: The successful proposals can be funded for a 2-year period with up to 70.000 € per year (maximum sum of 140.000 €) to be freely used within DFG funding regulations. 

Eligibility: Only university members of the two TRAs are eligible to apply. Expected are joint applications from two project leaders, one representing TRA Modelling and the other one TRA Sustainable Futures.  

Please find all details within the call text (download link below). Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question ( or +49 (0) 228 73-54462). 

How to apply: Applications are possible until May 19, 2024. Please use the application template to prepare your proposal (download link below).  

Open Call 2024 of TRA Modelling (ohne feste Frist)

With the flexible Open Call 2024, TRA Modelling aim to support it's members in establishing new collaborations and joint research projects, promote and support early career scientists and offer opportunities for networking and scientific exchange. The Open Call offers various purposes for applications, which we have summarized in four categories: 

  • Collaborative Project Start-up (substantial support for larger projects)
  • Research Project Start-up (e.g. for exploratory projects or early career support)
  • Networking, Outreach and Transfer (for events and activities)
  • Other research needs

Please find all details within the call text (download link below). If you are not sure which category your idea fits into or you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the TRA manager ( or +49 (0) 228 73-54462). 

Eligibility: To be eligible for funding applications, main applicant must be member of TRA Modelling. All proposed projects must be related to novel or planned inter-/transdisciplinary cooperation within mathematics, computer science, and its application areas, that are in line with the research profile of TRA Modelling.

How to apply: Applications are possible at any time. Please use the application form (download link below). Form should be filled out completely to contain all necessary information. 

Funding decision: Following a streamlined review process, the Steering Committee of TRA Modelling will decide on acceptance. Decisions are depending on the project content and availability of funds. Successful applicants will be informed by the TRA Manager and funds will be made available for use according to the project budget plan in the short term. 

TRA² - Transdisciplinary Research Prize

The University of Bonn Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs) aim to jointly support highly innovative, transdisciplinary collaborative research projects from researchers from at least two different TRAs. The funded projects should address new and relevant questions at the interface between disciplines or should aim at the development of new tools, which push the borders of existing research questions.

The innovative and cross-disciplinary nature of the proposal is the most important requirement for funding. A continuation of already established projects will not be funded. Expected are joint applications from at least two project leaders from at least two different TRAs, working in different research areas. Only university members of the TRAs are eligible to apply.

The successful proposals (up to three) will receive a funding of up to 50.000 EUR. This funding can be freely used for the described project within DFG funding regulations and should ideally be spent in 2024.

Application deadline is April 7, 2024. Please find all details in the call text (download link below). 

The proposal should contain a convincing and conclusive description of the planned project and its innovative and inter-/transdisciplinary character. Please use the application form (download link below) to include the description of the proposal, as well as a short CV of the main applicants. 

To help you finding suitable partners from other TRAs, you might use the member directories on the relevant TRA pages or take part in an online information sessions. Please find summary on all our assistance for matchmaking in the respective document (download link below).

Serviceangebot für Drittmittelförderung

Die Fördermöglichkeiten der TRA eignen sich als Anschubfinanzierung für trans/-interdisziplinäre Projekte, die das Ziel eines umfangreicheren Antrags auf Drittmittelförderung (DFG/EU/BMBF) verfolgen. Die TRA Manager:innen arbeiten daher eng mit dem Dezernat für Forschung und Transfer der Universität Bonn zusammen. 

Weiter zum Serviceangebot der Universität Bonn in Sachen Forschungsförderung.

Kollaboration: Aktivitäten und Plattform 


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Ongoing/Future Collaboration Activities

  • MaLiS CLub

Past Collaboration Activities

  • Mission Networking 
  • Joint Symposium on Mathematics and Life Science 
  • Talk series (Ringvorlesung) "Mathematics meets Life Sciences and Medicine"
  • TRA 1 Brownbag/PreDinner
  • HCM meets TRA 1 (jointly organized talks and events)
  • PostDoc NetworkDay "Collaborate beyond borders"

Support for events in the focus of TRA 1 Modelling: contact your TRA-management!



  • MaLiS Club (gemeinsam unterstützt durch TRA Modelling und TRA Life and Health)
  • TRA Hands-on Workshop Machine Learning Vol. II (19.-20. März 2024; Registration ist bis zum 1. März möglich) 
  • Symposia, Workshops, Vortragsreihen zu speziellen Themen (z.B. Symposium on Mathematics and Life Science)

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